Tuesday, 15 September 2015


This month I've wanted to try so many products and new looks. I've really been getting back into my collection and experimenting but I found there were some products that I just returned back to quite easily! Although this isn't an monthly favourites, these are the products I would without a doubt return to!

John Freida Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I reviewed this a few years ago here (with in-depth pics and before and after) [LINK] but I recently had lowlights put into my hair, as great as it looked at the beginning which made me look a light brown or a very dark blonde as it faded away it started to look ginger and odd shading for my colouring. I'm a natural light blonde and my complexion does not suit the middle stages of brown or blonde so I decided to repurchase the spray and get the blonde back in. I wouldn't recommend this for daily use but gradually over a week using it every other day can get you back to blonde. This really got me my natural colour back but I did nearly use the whole bottle up but if you use it once a year or so it's no hardship and at £4/5 a bottle it's definitely better than a hairdressers trip!

Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser. If you know this blog, you know I love Benefit and this foundation has been an absolute favourite of mine for years! I even had to track this down on Ebay as I found out they discontinued the lite version of this tinted moisturiser! This stuff is now like gold-dust but the original is still around. So now I own both shades! I love this for everyday use, although quite dewy on the skin, it give light coverage and adds a healthy look without being too much effort to apply either. I use a buffing brush to blend it all in and I'm good to go! I really really love this tinted moisturiser! I need this tube to last forever! 

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. Yes, I know ANOTHER benefit product. I got this at Christmas in the Box of Blusher kit and I love how small and easy to use this little highlighter pot is. This is a great cream highlighter and blends easily on the tops of your cheekbones or brow bone. Although I'm not sure if I'd repurchase the full size, I do love this dinky version. I just like the ease of use and silky highlight it provides!

Benefit Gimmie Brow. OK LAST ONE I PROMISE! Again, Benefit just win with this brow treatment. There are days where I look at myself and wonder how I lived without this product. I never used to care about brows but recently I've found myself unable to do a full makeup look without my eyebrows done. All I do is brush this wonder product through to set an define them but it looks so polished and professional. I get my brows waxed by Benefit too as they create a gorgeous effect with their arch powers but this product makes them look even more defined. No, I will never say they look on fleek because whoever decided that was a thing was an idiot lol. No such thing as 'fleek.' I'd rather say they look 'fetch'.

MAC Palette. My MAC palette is just a small quad and these are the only mac shadows I own. I've started to realise how ridiculously overpriced they are but I do love the one's I own. I don't think I could ever own more than four. You can tell the colours I love the most here which are Twinks and Woodwinked. I just love these as my everyday colours!

What have you been consistently reaching for each day?

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