Friday, 25 September 2015


Date night for us can involve anything from a fancy steak night to burgers or even just a glass of wine, but it's one night I like to dress up and look my best! I have some handy hacks and products that are the effortless way to quickly look glammed up and ready to impress!


This Veet kit is just perfect for at home salon results. This handy waxing comes with the electric wax roll on which you charge for around 30 minutes for optimum heat time, you get a handful of wax strips and a few finishing wipes to clean up your legs from wax at the end. I found once it reaches the right temperature you can roll it onto your leg, I found a few swipes of wax meant the hairs really adhered when you apply a wax strip. Press the strip down on your leg, hold the skin taught and then pull away from hair growth quickly. Ok, so this is tricky if you're not confident in pulling out hairs out your legs, but if you've had waxing done before it's really easy once you get going. You can quite easily use the strip once more but I wouldn't suggest any more than that.

I've worked in a salon and had my legs waxed a few times before so I knew how to work it, I think this is great if you're not confident in salons and you'd rather do it yourself too! This could be a really cost effective way of having a salon treatment too with great results. At only £30 it's an investment that will last and save you countless salon trips!

I found the wax kit pulled up 80% of hairs, I think with time I'll get the perfect rhythm and this will be an absolute dream to have available to do your grooming before an unexpected date night! I love having smooth legs and the results are so much nicer than shaving too with thinner hair regrowth and longer lasting results. I definitely want to try the underarm version too which is a smaller compartment for ease!


Exfoliating is the easiest way to look smooth-skinned and primed! I find using my exfoliating glove with my L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil which is my favourite shower gel really scrubs the skin clean but also keeps it moisturised because of the shower oil. I recommend scrubbing your skin before waxing or shaving too, it creates a smooth surface and reduces chances of ingrown hairs too!


I recently bought the Nume hair curler as it was on a super amazing offer for around £20! I find this curler so easy to use and it creates soft everyday waves that last a really long time too. It is a large barrel so creates big waves rather than ringlets but I think curls look so glamorous and with this curler, it works so quickly at producing effortless hair! Always keep an eye out for Nume offers as they can provide super cheap deals!

What are your essentials for date night prep? 

Some of the products mentioned have been gifted as PR samples.

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