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Hundreds of pictures are taken at weddings, of everybody from the bride to the most inconspicuous guest. A wedding is an opportunity for you to get dressed up and look your best, so try out some of these tips and see what a difference they make! These tips are perfect for the blushing bride or a guest - anybody can use them:


Go for a More Natural Tan

A wedding is not the time to get your most bronzed look out. Although you should have a healthy glow, don’t go overboard. Use a subtle tanning lotion or a light tanning mousse if you’re doing it yourself. If you’ve never tanned before, you’re better off practicing a week or so beforehand to make sure you can get it right.

Open Up Your Eyes

Having big, bright eyes is always attractive, so it’s perfect for the blushing bride or a guest who wants to look their best. Use eyelash curlers and a good mascara, or practice sticking some fake lashes on to get an even wider eyed look. As far as sultry makeup goes, try to stick to more pastel shades of eyeshadow and stay away from smokey. Romantic makeup looks are the best!

Shape Your Brows

Nicely shaped brows will frame your face and open up your lashes even more. It’s well worth going for a HD brow treatment beforehand to find the perfect shape and colour for your face.

Keep Lips Smooth

Kissable lips look best with any kind of makeup look, so keep them nice and smooth. Exfoliate them for a week or so in advance, and apply an SPF moisturiser a few times a day to make them nice and soft. Dry skin is a huge no no and will look awful in the high definition pictures!

Experiment With Hairstyles

Instead of going for a safe hairstyle, why not try something different for this occasion? I just love up-dos, especially plaited up-dos at weddings. If you’re not confident, see a professional to do it for you. I like to watch lots of YouTube videos!

Highlight to Your Heart’s Content

I love highlighters, especially on occasions such as weddings. They give my face a healthy, dewy glow that just matches the occasion perfectly. Highlight the areas the sun hits naturally to make the most impact. This looks great with a romantic style wedding outfit. The dress code should be mentioned on your Paper Themes invite, but if it isn’t, assume that ‘romantic’ is the theme to go for!

Always Have a Test Run

If you’re having your makeup done professionally, always have a test run first. You want to make sure you’re happy with it before you go ahead - this is especially important if you’re the actual bride!

Don’t Neglect Your Nails

Your nails are as important as any other aspect of your beauty routine. Go for a nice neutral colour or a French manicure to get the perfect wedding look!

White Teeth are a Must

You’ll be expected to smile a lot at this wedding, so go ahead and purchase some whitening products to get a celebrity smile. Usually, just a few goes with a good product and you’ll have gorgeous looking teeth!

I hope you love these tips - leave your own below!

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