Thursday, 17 December 2015


I've gone a bit crazy this Christmas stocking up on decorations but I only owned a small tree and a handful of decorations so I felt now I had a bit more money and was able to in our home, I've upgraded. I took a little trip to Sainsbury's and M&S to stock up on the Christmas goodies. I will be posting up about my tree after Wednesday when we'll be home for Christmas. 

Let's start with the smallest item and that's the Merry Christmas Garland which was only £1/2 and will be perfect to string over our painting in the living room or kitchen. I love little things to hang over the walls and waking up each morning prior to Christmas to see all the decor really excites me. This was from Sainsbury's but I can imagine poundshops and other supermarkets will sell similar things.

I had to buy these paperchains from M&S. For £4 these were a bit pricey for paper, but I can't wait to put my favourite christmas films on (Elf or Love Actually) and sit down making these, they're more to pass the time and the fact they can be hung around the house will be an added extra.  I really don't think my boyfriend will know what's hit the house this Christmas!

I got a big box of tree decorations from Sainsburys for £7.50 which holds chains, beads, countless amounts of baubles and the tree topper too. I love this set so much I've written a whole post on this itself which you can find here. [LINK]

And, if that wasn't enough.. I also had to buy these copper bells. They have little bells inside them which is super cute and these will be to add up any left over space on the tree. (If there is any.) These were only £2/3 from Sainsbury's. I loved that they had so much copper stuff!

What have you bought for this Christmas? Anything new? 

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