Wednesday, 16 December 2015


 Christmas hauls are the best kind of hauls, the best way to get a pretty flat lay too! Me and Dan are going all out this year and I've been hauling up ready to head home and decorate our house back in Suffolk. Last weekend we really made ourselves appear 80 years older than we are by visiting the Garden Center. We visited the Aylett Nursery on the North Orbital outside St Albans. I also knew I needed tinsel and Wilkinsons had just the ticket!

The Nursery/Garden Centre had a whole department full of decor, what I loved is that the decor was put into themed areas, so you had copper/gold/silvers etc in each corner to create a specific look. I am going with a copper and gold theme this year. Well you can see the colours just by reading this post!

From the nursery we got two boxes of chains for the tree or maybe for hanging around the kitchen, I haven't fully decided yet. I think I may have gone overboard! These were only £1.55 each which was a real bargain. I got gold and the browny red to match the tinsel.

We also followed one of Dan's traditions to buy a new bauble (an individual unique) one each year, this year we both bought one. Of course, I bought the shiny glittery copper one you can see above and Dan chose the tinsel wire bauble you see below. These were both under £2 each. I love the fact both of them are going to stand out on the tree so well as they both will reflect light so nicely.

I knew I didn't want to spend too much on tinsel so I knew Wilkinsons would be the best place to go. I've heard they are even doing tartan tinsel this year which I didn't see but sounds amazing! I went for gold and this brown dark tinsel, although not hugely festive I thought it was really unique and should compliment the colours of our tree so well. These were only £1 each which is perfect for 2m each!

I loved looking in the garden centre and creating a new little tradition. I will be putting my tree up the day this post goes up so I'm super excited to show you the finished product!

What are your Christmas Traditions when it comes to decor?

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