Wednesday, 30 December 2015


With winter comes great responsibilities... that being choosing the right lip colour! This year I've really enjoyed darker lips but not a harsh or bright red. I've started to notice how complimentary a berry lip really can be, which I didn't think was possible as a pale blonde! I've found a few combinations that really work but this is one that is perfect for a long lasting look! 

The products I reach for most of all when creating any berry lip is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipliners. No matter what browny nude lipstick or gloss you apply on top of this, you instantly create a berry lip. I own Spice and Rose Quartz. 

Spice is the deeper of the two and creates a dark berry lip. If I apply Rimmel Kate 107 lipstick on top, it creates a really deep purple berry lip. Although these can be slightly dry lipliners to apply, if you have moisturised lips (not straight before) but soft enough to apply these are a dream. With a sharp point you can create a really defined and non-smudged look. 

With berry lips being so difficult to be precise a lipliner creates a barrier and shape to work with!

Rose Quartz is the lighter of the two and works well with a nude lipstick to create a dark brown or light berry look. It is a bit glossy in terms of a shine on the lips yet still is a matte lipstick, although difficult to describe it does have that shine to it compared to spice.

I really have enjoyed adding lipliners to my collection and with these only being £2.99 a pop they are a great addition to a makeup bag to create a new look if you're into experimenting with lip colours. 

The above picture is a fairly old one now and makes me want my long very blonde hair back again!! 

Whats your favourite makeup look in winter? 

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