Tuesday, 15 December 2015


This year it's officially Christmas in The Beauty Type household! Dan and I have invested in our first tree as a couple and we've bought new decor to really build a collection we can have for years to come. This year my theme is with coppers, gold, the odd silver and lots of glitter! Whilst building the collection I knew the supermarkets we're the place to hit. You can't go wrong with a Sainsbury's shop and they're normally the best priced too! I found this gorgeous copper 50 piece kit and had to share it with all my blogger friends alike because I know it will be a hit for many!

The kit contains nine copper twirls, nine gold baubles, a selection of mini copper and gold baubles, with mini ones as well. It has star decorations, gold chains for hanging around the tree and of course, a BIG star to top the tree! There is so much to use here and plenty to put on the tree, I have to say I fell for the copper twirls as they're very ombre and on trend. I'm just full of Pinterest cliches but it's perfect.

The best part of this... It's only £7.50! Down from £10, I would have happily paid £10 for this set. So go get down to your local Sainsburys [LINK] before they sell out!

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