Friday, 28 August 2015


I am a massive stationary geek. I once got asked in Ryman if I was genuinely ok because I spent half an hour choosing ONE pen. I have to buy the perfect pen for the right occasion, every note-book has its own pen and I have specific ranges for certain things. Now, I know I can't be the only weirdo about pens and stationary. So I thought since its nearly back to school (okay... for us adults it's actually the perfect time to get pens and notebooks on sale and discounted) I thought this would be the ideal time to show my favourite pens and stationary.

Thursday, 27 August 2015


As you may know I have recently opened up my own planner Etsy Store. I began selling a Rainbow design and after so much support and feedback I'm pleased to release another design! This will be a real winner with everyone due to its suitability for all purposes and the design works with

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Essence is found in Wilkinson stores and I was actually mind-blown how big the toilietry and makeup section is in my local store. It had extra brands you rarely see elsewhere which was a real addition. I recently started to get into doing my brows more, I don't exactly fill them in but I like to set and define them. After using Benefit's Gimmie Brow I wanted to see if I could get something that would be similar or a bit cheaper! I'd heard about Essence and wanted to give their Make Me Brow gel mascara a go! 

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Yesterday I posted about my new project to open a shop for my planners that I have designed and made myself. You can refer to my post here [LINK] for all the information on what I have done and essentially why I did it! I was just after some feedback yesterday but already being asked for orders and so many lovely blogger friends saying it was a great idea, I just had to bite the bullet and open up!

I have made an Etsy shop with the Rainbow design planner ready for purchase! The planner is 210 x 210mm so essentially a square shape with flat lay wire binding so you can have it across your desk and see each week on two pages! You have sufficient space for your morning, day and evening appointments or decorate with stickers and washi tape to create a scrapbook-style memory book!

I feel like this is something the current planner market just doesn't supply, the US have plenty of these style books so I've created an affordable and easy to work with book that is available for all!

The planner costs £20 (plus p&p) and can be purchased here! [LINK]

Friday, 21 August 2015


I love stationary, I love planners too. However, I was getting bored of the UK planner market because it wasn't fulfilling my needs. I loved the Erin Condren and Plum Paper designs planners because they were a scrapbook/journal and diary in one, however they cost over the earth to buy with shipping from the US. So I decided to use the design skills I have and make my own and create LP Planners.


A while ago now I had a lovely email asking me if I wanted to spend the day with Travel Supermarket the holiday and travel comparison website to try my hand at the art of towel origami. Now at first I was thinking - this is the oddest event ever but actually thought it would be the most fun! And it was! Me and my boyfriend Dan headed down to the Raddison Blu Bloomsbury London for the day and joined the team and a bunch of other bloggers to try it all out and enjoy a steak and lobster dinner at the end of it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


This summer has made me want to travel more than ever - after a holiday with me spending half of it ill and in a foreign hospital I was keen to see a bit more of the UK! Brighton admittedly was one of them places that every youtuber seems to be relocating too and seems like the new London but I wanted to give it a chance. And... I see the attraction, it's not like a Suffolk sea-side that's for sure!


This is contributed content.

My recent post about becoming more body confident talked about both loving your body and transforming it. Some women learn to love their body as it is, but still want to make some changes to get it how they want it to be. I have been thinking about the ways that a lot of women want to change their body. And one of the things that come up a lot is scars. Everyone has scars for different reasons, and everyone thinks about them differently. Some people see them as battle wounds and marks of life that they wear proudly. But others would prefer to try and fade them. If you have scars that you don't like looking at, there are a few methods you can use to help them go away.

(death to the stock photo)

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Botanicals create beautiful organic products for all purposes, and today their Calming Body Lotion is the one lotion that I've found happiness with! If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin then this light lavender and tea tree lotion naturally soothes any issues no matter what skin type you have.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Rimmel London is one of the first brands I started using as a teen and using makeup - blue eyeshadow to be precise. I admit I love blue eyeshadow and I love their lipsticks even more!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Cohorted beauty boxes are the shiny black boxes of goodness that have been showcasing some of the biggest brands and in my opinion - how a beauty box should be. I get bored of all these brands telling us you'll get huge high-end brands and you get it once in a year and the rest of the time its just repeated brands. Cohorted have got it spot on and here's the first box and a sneak peak of what August has to offer!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


This is contributed content.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about body confidence and how it affects us girlies. Believe it or not, even the most confident of women - aka, Beyonce, have their body hang-ups. Today, we are living in an age where it’s seen as being normal to dislike how we look, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Although I am happy with my appearance now, I can remember when I was younger that I struggled with my body confidence. We all have our own issues with our bodies - things that we like and dislike about ourselves, and it can be all too easy to get hung up on them.

body confident.jpg

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Whether you're a jetsetter or prefer miniature items especially when it comes to beauty and makeup then there's a bargain to be had. I'm sure everyone and their mothers have seen the Travelo style atomizers which are super handy for travelling to take a small bottle of your favourite scent away with you in your handbag and fitting restrictions without the risk of leaks and breakages.

I got mine for £1.05 and actually bought two so I could take two scents to travel with or have them in different places.

You just pour your perfume/body spray into the bottle, screw back up tightly and use as a normal perfume spray bottle which fits neatly into any bag or cosmetic purse. These aren't as good as the normal travelos which can take any perfume but they are great for body sprays/face mists/toners/lotion sprays and turning anything into a mini!

They come in various colours but I chose pink as it seems like the likely choice for a girlie girl like me!

You can buy yours from here [LINK] and has free delivery - bare in mind that as it is from China it could take around 2-4 weeks but mine arrived in 2 weeks so I was quite happy with the service. 

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