Monday, 11 January 2016


It's that time of year where we all want to better ourselves and us bloggers want to improve our blogs or keep a schedule! Sometimes thinking of post ideas can be the hardest part and I know I really enjoy these posts for a bit of inspiration! Here are FIFTY ideas to keep you motivated and blog happy! Enjoy! Send me your links to any posts you do from this as well! 

  1. What I learnt from [My job as... , University, College, Time at...]
  2. Five most read bloggers
  3. Most popular blog posts of 2015/All Time
  4. Re-write your most popular blog post... Sounds silly but you can probably make a better go of the old ones. 
  5. Write how you sit down to write your blog posts
  6. Your desk set up and organisation 
  7. The top tips you've learned from being a blogger
  8. A look back at your first/earliest blog posts
  9. Your favourite books as a child/teen/young adult/the last year
  10. The best photo editing apps/programmes
  11. Why you love/hate [valentines, easter, Christmas etc]
  12. The things you have learned from being a blogger
  13. The best cookbooks you own/use regularly 
  14. Why comments make blogging worth it! [The more it's said the more people will!]
  15. A response to a controversy in the media [current or otherwise]
  16. Three films you can always sit down and watch time and time again
  17. Your favourite candles 
  18. Most used apps on your phone/iPad 
  19. Organisation tips for planning blog posts
  20. How you do a weekly food shop/ budget/ meal plan
  21. A plan of your week/ diary entry style
  22. Your favourite holiday
  23. What's in your handbag?
  24. Most watched television shows/films
  25. Favourite shows from Netflix
  26. Best shops for clothes
  27. Most viewed websites 
  28. How you manage your time effectively
  29. Jobs you've worked in last few years!
  30. Reflection on university/first job
  31. Review of your camera for blogging 
  32. Most used stationery/favourite pens and notebooks
  33. Morning schedule/routine
  34. Share your other hobbies besides blogging
  35. Favourite cafe or restaurant that you enjoy and why 
  36. How to stay motivated when you've lost energy
  37. Favourite breakfasts and smoothies
  38. Share a recipe you make often or that is your favourite
  39. Share your favourite jewellery or sentimental items/photos
  40. Monthly favourites NON beauty
  41. Photoblog of your day or week
  42. Review of a weekend away, day out, local attraction
  43. Why a city/town is your favourite...
  44. Story of how you and your other half met
  45. Favourite magazines to read
  46. Where you see yourself in 5 years time
  47. Review of your favourite household items [Could be as random as cleaning, food etc]
  48. What's on your bedside table?
  49. How to eat healthily/improve diet?
  50. What you gain from being a blogger?
Hope these come in useful! 

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