Friday, 15 January 2016


January is the perfect time to kick those bad habits and start embracing a healthier lifestyle. I'm sure we're all guilty of saying we'll go to the gym or eating better, saving more money or working harder but some things are just hard to keep! My 'motivation' this year is to just be that bit healthier. I feel like 2015 brought me a lot of unhealthy times, my kidneys near enough could give up on me if I give them another bad year and I've been run down too many times to count.  I decided in little steps I would just keep myself healthy, one of the ways to do so was to start having a better breakfast in the shape of a smoothie or juice! Hence why my little blender friend here is making an appearance on my blog today!

Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender, 300 W - Green review lifestyle blog fitness beauty reviews

The Breville Blend Active blender is one of the best selling / most popular blenders out there. It's under £20 and blends juices or smoothies efficiently and quickly! Although we own a smoothie maker, this is so much better than the old style makers.

 Most of you have seen the green juices, juice cleanse style diets on Pinterest or youtube and I wanted to start having a green juice or a fruit juice for breakfast to get my fruit and veg in and start having a better start to the day!

I will be posting about my favourite juices and recipes soon but I thought I'd actually review the product in terms of its juicing power! The product comes with a small motor blender, so it can be tucked away on a counter without looking cluttered which I really like. It has two bottles (one for you and one for your other half!) and it has one blade top.

You essentially fill your bottle with your fruit, veg, juice, ice, nuts, whatever it may be and attach the blade head on tightly. Align the dots on the lid to the base and then simply press blend! It's a loud thing thats for sure, my neighbours won't be pleased! I find pressing it a couple of times just to see whether you've got the right mixture in or if it needs more liquid or a shake to get going is the best way not to ruin it. I find if it screams and nothing blends, add more liquid to get it moving works perfectly.

It blends a full bottle of fruit/veg pretty much instantly, I like to give it a full blitz, shake it and blitz again until it looks perfectly smooth. The best part with the interchangeable lids is that if you want to add anything else, check the taste or consistency you just take the lid off, have a look and go back to it.

Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender, 300 W - Green review juicer blending blender beauty lifestyle review on juicing cleanse health kick amazon

Once you are happy, swap the blade for a lid to make it into a drinking bottle and voila you're done! The only thing to clean up is the blade, which I'd recommend doing straight away and then you clean the bottle once you've drunk from it and that's it! Ready for the next time. I think the fact its so easy to clean makes this perfect for people on the go and I really appreciate this as someone who hates cleaning up after cooking or making anything!

The blender as I said above can make blended ice as well, add a touch of water to not destroy the blades and you've got a perfect cocktail addition. It works extremely well at creating a fine consistency and I even add oats to most of my smoothies for a breakfast kick and you can't taste whole oats.

The bottles included are 600ml bottles and very much leakproof! They also fit inside most car bottle holders for on the go use!

You can buy your own blender here [LINK] for only £19.99 from Amazon which is such a great price and I believe it does the same job as the Nutribullet!

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