Friday, 1 January 2016


It's a new year and we all know that means we've all promised ourselves to get more organised and on the ball this year. Be it work, life, money or plans we've all got our goals set on something and with blogging in the equation we can all get geared up and motivated to then feel a complete failure when something halts the buzz. 

I'm no wiz at being organised, sometimes I have meltdowns because I just can't be that 'Pinterest' girl with her life planned out and FYI I don't own any marble items, I have hardly anything white in my house and I definitely do not wear makeup every day. So if I admit it will never be the perfect lifestyle, everything runs a lot more smoothly.

I have my planner which I created and you can purchase yourself here [LINK] which keeps me on track, I can see my week ahead or months dates and see what I'm up to, what is definitely planned ahead and just keep those important things in. Sometimes a haircut or appointment can be the only thing you've got going on in a month and that’s when you're likely to forget. So keep it all written down somewhere you can flick in and out of. Being organised doesn't mean having a constant check on your diary but keeping a mental note to keep on top of writing dates in and looking ahead.

I have also downloaded One Note for my mac which I got from the App Store. Find it for your device here. [LINK] What I love is that it's like an online notebook. It has all different pages, you can do notes easily all over the page, you can add tick boxes and add special alerts. Adding pictures, attachments and dates are easy as pie and its all nicely laid out so you can have it constantly up on the dash if you need to add any ideas, thoughts or tick off anything that’s completed. I have been after something I can flick to on the screen rather than in a notebook for ages and this suits me perfectly. A new page for every topic too which is perfect!

Make it achievable, most importantly in the not giving up part. If you buy yourself a £50 Erin Condren, buy a million stickers, four different notebooks and a new pen then forget about it, you'll be more annoyed than ever. Use an old notebook or the One Note app. Set simple goals like, I will post 2 times a week and post it at 5:30pm. That way you'll only have two things to prepare for and you'll always be able to schedule them for any time.

The most important goal I live by to be organised. Live by the 5:2 rule if you work, go to university or have a busy five-day week. Only be involved in your work, university, commitments Monday to Friday (not really Friday night but if you have to, do it) then as soon as Saturday arrives through to Sunday its all yours. ALWAYS dedicate the weekend to you or your family/friends. Life can get so hectic that we spend our time in the wrong places, we go out on a Monday night drink but end up working on a Sunday. If we are working Monday to Friday we should be able to fit everything in, and if we can't then we're doing something wrong elsewhere. By having a weekend and 2 days to completely unwind and most importantly enjoy your life/earnings etc.

I fully believe in this and it's worked so well over the last ten weeks! So what's your plans to be organised and on top of things this year? I really recommend One Note and the 5:2 lifestyle!

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