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You might remember that a few days ago, I wrote a post about being more organised. Well, writing that post got me thinking about how organised my life is and what areas I need to improve on, and one that came up was my handbag. (Bags just get so messy, so easily.) Let’s be honest about it girls, our handbags are the places where we dump random bits and bobs, from hair pins to spare change. We say we’re going to clear them out and then never do. But if we want to be more organised this year, that has to stop. Of course, the question is, how should we go about it?

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Pick the perfect bag

The first thing that you need to do to keep your handbag organised is choose the perfect bag design. Your bag should be a design that’s comfortable, stylish and functional. The size bag that you choose will depend on your needs if you have lots to carry you’ll need a larger bag. If, however, you only need a couple of things, a small bag could work well.

The other day, while browsing for gifts for an upcoming birthday, I came across Cuckooland's quirky gifts ideas for her. On here, I found the most amazing handbag. It’s a bag that doubles as a portable phone charger, how amazing is that? (I also found some cute wash bags that could be ideal for organising your handbag, but I’ll get onto those later on.)

Always carry a purse

Don’t make the mistake of using your bag as a purse, always keep your money and ID in a wallet. That way, it stays nice and tidy and won’t end up rattling around at the bottom of your bag. Purses are incredibly useful, and essential if you want a bag that’s tidy and well organised.

If you don’t have a purse, you have little chance of keeping your bag tidy as you’ll have cash, cards and bus tickets everywhere. Don’t already have a purse? Then treat yourself to one, every gal needs a purse.

Use wash bags to keep thing neat and tidy

As I mentioned above, the Cuckooland website has some lovely little wash bags that are perfect for using to keep your handbag neat and tidy. Pop a couple of wash bags in your bag that you can use to store any bits and bobs in, from hair pins to lip balms. You’ll find that by having bags inside your main bag, it’ll be easier to keep it tidy and organised.

Plus, by using wash bags for bits and bobs, should anything spill, it won’t go on your bag. It might be a good idea to keep a mini pack of wipes in one of these bags, just in case there are any spills.

So there you have it, all my tops tips for keeping your handbag as organised as possible. Take note of the tips above, and you can ensure that your bag stays in good order all year long.

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