Thursday, 14 January 2016


A girl should always own one makeup product that makes her feel a million dollars. For some people, it's a mascara or eyeshadow, for me it's a lipstick. Most days I won't wear any but when I do, I like to know its the perfect choice for me. Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks have become my favourite lipsticks! The quality, colours and finish are amazing and better than high end! This review is of the infamous Kate 107 lipstick which has easily become a winter staple! 

This bold berry colour is scary in the bullet but on it is a beautiful raspberry red. I'd say it has a purple finish but is very much a dark raspberry red. Ultimately it's the most beautiful colour and makes a complete change from reds! I know reds are scary enough but I think this colour is easier than a red because it just works so well! As a blonde I think this works amazingly, but I know many brunettes and other hair colours suit this just as well too!

It is a bit tricky to apply and needs a few minutes making sure you fill your lips in properly and get the corners too, if you're not amazing with a lipstick have a brush to hand but if you've practised often then it comes as second nature after a few goes! The lipstick lasts for quite a few hours and it leaves a lovely stain when it does fade. I find it doesn't transfer that much onto glasses either and it doesn't smudge at all once on, unless you're planning a massive make out session but we'll leave that for another blogger to test!

The best part about these lipsticks is that they are only £5.50 which is a bargain compared to some high-end products that just do not compare! I think these are much nicer than MAC lipsticks and would happily repurchase this lipstick time and time again!  You can buy this lipstick from supermarkets, Superdrug or from boots here [LINK].

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