Sunday, 24 January 2016


We've all heard of the amazing Quinoa (which I still want to pronounce Quinn-o-ah) but because of the demand and 'superfood' status it has become, it has become extremely expensive compared to some of its friends on the same shelf. Bulgar Wheat, a dried whole wheat cereal grain is one of the best ways to add fibre, protein and iron into your diet but keeping your calorie intake low! Bulgar wheat contains fewer calories, less fat and more than twice the insoluble fibre than brown rice making it the perfect way to bulk up meals and yet great a great tasting meal! Best of all, its cheaper than quinoa.

1 cup of Bulgar Wheat
1/2 cup of Mixed Beans
One red onion
Half a cucumber
1/4 of a Chorizo sausage
Half a tin of sweetcorn
One Sweet Pepper 
One Tomato 

  • Cook the bulgar wheat according to packet instructions.  
  • Start chopping your vegetables finely and in small pieces
  • Add all of your vegetables and chorizo to a large bowl/serving dish
  • Start cooking your beans as these take less time, again according to packet instructions
  • Once your bulgar and beans are cooked drain, let it sit for a 5 minutes then wash through with cold water.
  • When cold enough to add to your salad, add to salad in bowl, mix thoroughly. 
  • Squeeze a lemon over your salad to maintain freshness. Store correctly in fridge, eat within 3 days.

It is such a simple dish to make, but tastes amazing. All of the fresh ingredients with bulgar tastes really flavoursome, a few spoonfuls of this in Tupperware is the perfect lunch and can also be heated for dinners. I had this heated with tiny chunks of cheddar cheese in and my god, it was amazing. There's lots to be used for this dish but it's perfect to have sitting in the fridge ready for lunch and dinner!

You can find more about Bulgar Wheat's benefit's here! It's really interesting knowing more about it! This isn't an affiliate link but I find knowing about food so interesting! [LINK]

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