Saturday, 9 January 2016


If you are new to my blog, you may not know but I study in London. I go to a university in Islington so I'm in the heart of the city nearly four days a week. I commute in from Hertfordshire but it’s a perfect place to go. I have already done a post on Living in London so you can check that out here [LINK] but studying in London is a whole new ball game. There are so many pros and cons to studying in London and obviously, I've only ever attended this university so I can't comment and say it's better elsewhere. There are many universities in London and a lot of them class themselves as London but not all of them are in the city and that’s where being in the heart of it all changes how studying feels in the city.


SURROUNDED BY CULTURE: London is such a cultured place, be it pavement, shops, tube, trains you will never see the same face and coming into the city means you are free to embrace the culture. At my university, it often feels like there are more international students than British students, and by no means is that a bad thing. Even being surrounded by people from up North creates a new change and we all joke about the North/South differences.

HUB OF … WELL EVERYTHING: No matter what you're into or after, or even studying you'll find something here that will improve your career. Be it finding a new IT company in the heart of Shoreditch or being able to explore Canary Wharf, London has a lot of exciting companies and offices that can benefit you in numerous ways. Be it work experience, interviews or possible job options its important to know you have it all on your doorstep in London.

LEARNING WHAT YOU LOVE: London is full on and it makes you appreciate the country so much more when you come back. I love the business, the fast pace, endless shops and things to do and transport. But I did find I disliked a lot of those aspects too. It’s a great place to discover yourself. *cringe at how cliché that sounds*


TRAVELING IS TIRING: I commute into London from Hertfordshire and it takes me only 35 minutes on the train but a full 50 minutes in total door to door. Although it's no real trouble and a small commute compared to most, it still tires me out and those days where I have to stand are a real pain. You have to be prepared to make the effort for London. If you aren't a good commuter and you can't afford the city rent prices then rule it out immediately.

COSTS: For some unknown reason, London is more expensive than anywhere else I've ever been. Even prices in Tesco can be more expensive. You'll find you end up spending money in Pret, damn their soups and croissants. It has a way of drawing you in to spend money, I wish I could say more about it but I spend so much when I'm in the city and I don’t know why!

NO CAMPUS FEEL: Being in the heart of the city means apart from the first year of uni when everyone is halls, you never really see your mates. Ok so you probably can see them every now and then but in terms of going for a drink after uni or seeing them in the holidays is pretty non-existent. When people commute they just want to get home before rush hour and since you don't live round the corner it’s a lot more of an effort. This is one thing that can be the biggest pain about being in the city, you feel a lot more like you're at college again rather than being surrounded by dozens and dozens of friends.

Studying in the city is such a personal decision so that’s why I've balanced this post. I think its worth a go if you get the chance but there are so many amazing places to go to as well as London. Let me know if you've got any questions about studying in London or about my university!

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