Sunday, 28 February 2016


I can't believe how quickly the last two months have gone, it feels only last week we had Christmas and now I've already had my birthday and am now 21! It's been a good month for makeup and I'm still getting through a lot of my Christmas makeup too so it's been fun to keep trying new things throughout the month.

In terms of skincare, when I ran out of Liz Earle I wanted to try something else, although I love Liz Earle it's a pricey habit every month or so to keep up. I went to Lush and bought ANGELS ON BARE SKIN which is a unique cleanser. 5 years ago now I bought this stuff and loved it and you can see my thoughts more here [LINK].  The clay-like formula means you pick up a tiny chunk of the cleanser, make it wet and form a paste then rub into the skin to cleanse it. It takes some practice but this stuff really does magic. I see a big transformation in the brightness and clarity on my skin and this is perfect for any combination skin types out there!

Another face favourite is MAC MINERALISE SKINFISH NATURAL. I've spoke about this so much and think it's the best face powder ever. I'm so sad mine is nearly coming to an end, but I do have to say that I'm definitely going to repurchase because it's lasted so long it makes it worth the price tag. I pretty much use it to set my makeup and take the shine off and it adds a lovely finish to the skin. 

For brows, I've been loving BENEFIT BROW ZINGS. Although it's a definite art to get your brows right and for me I'm no pro, it's a great way to add definition or shape by mixing the wax and the powder. I'm yet to be a pro at it, but the formula and little palette works really well and I'm very glad I have it in my collection.

Another Benefit product, surprise,surprise considering half my makeup collection is Benefit, is the THEY'RE REAL GEL EYELINER. I know this was a real hit and miss for a lot of people when it was released and I was really annoyed when half the population blogged about it but most people didn't really explain it at all. The eyeliner comes in a weird pen that you twist the bottom of, it slowly releases more product and you use that as your eyeliner. It's a thick gel that can be drawn onto the eye and is a heavy black. I love the pen as its a really easy to use shape and once you get a good bit of gel going it works perfectly. The only gripe I have is that when you over twist to get some out, it will still keep pushing more out and no one explained that when I read reviews about it. So if you have problems with this, keep at it. It's a great eyeliner really! Plus it stays put!

For everyday eye looks, I reach for the MAYBELLINE LEATHER EFFECT 24 HOUR TATTOO EYESHADOW as a base or as a simple wash of colour. I use the colour Creamy Beige which creates a wash of light brown that works as a long lasting colour on its own or helps to act as a base to any other natural shadows I apply on top. I love these 24-hour colours as they stay put and they're only five pounds!

My last product is a birthday present so I'm afraid I don't know the brand it is, but the bracelet you see above is a really unique piece of jewellery. I have been wearing every day since I got it as I love how fun it is. It's a mesh style wrap with beads and jewels inside to create shimmery effect. It just adds something fun to any outfit. 

What have you loved this month? 

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