Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Its been a long time since I've done much of an update on anything on the blog really! So I thought it was about time to update you with the wonderful month that March has been!

Firstly, I got engaged! This is kind of old news if you follow my twitter or Instagram as its all I spoke about for ages but on March 4th, my amazing Dan proposed to me on Brighton Beach. Brighton really is one of my favourite places, I thought it was one of them cliche cool places but now I've had a weekend away there and visited again, I just love it. It completely trumps any UK beach and I love the vibrant atmosphere it has.

We went for a day out to Brighton as a belated birthday day out, we went to Riddle and Finns on the beach which I can 100% recommend, they do the best seafood meals, the restaurant is rustic but charming and the best service we've had. The dishes are fresh and plentiful and it was lovely to watch the beach whilst you're eating. We had lovely sparkling wine from Sussex. I did wonder what we were having the fizzy stuff for, but not one to say no to fizz. We then went for a walk on the beach of what would be sunset except it was a touch cloudy, but we went for a walk and as Dan was taking photos of me, he then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

I, of course, said yes and now I'm buying every wedding magazine in sight! We've no immediate plans to get married, but hopefully, get thinking this year, plan more next year and possibly do it in a couple of years. We really want a special day so want to take our time!

In other news, I've moved out of our St Albans flat, back to Suffolk for two weeks and then we're moving to Northampton. I promise, our lives aren't always this manic! We are finally settling into a new life together in a house in Northampton as it's where Dan works.

Onto the next part of good news, (MY LIFE IS NEVER THIS EXCITING I ASSURE YOU), I have got a job as a marketing gal! It's my first proper job with a full-time, 9 - 5 hours, it's with design, marketing and social media and exactly my kind of thing. I'm so pleased to finally get a job, especially as a graduate I was so worried I'd be without a job for ages but my CV obviously has impressed.

So, we're moving in two weeks to a new big house, I get my own study aka makeup room, we're engaged and I have a job. I hate to gloat, but I know I've worked for this, I don't slack and have always worked towards new goals. We all get our big breaks at some point, and for all you graduates or soon to be, jobs are out there! If I can get a job, anyone can!

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