Sunday, 15 May 2016


Working from home, whether its for studying or a full time job can be tough to keep motivated. It's important to maintain a routine or schedule to keep work ethic up so you treat it as another working and study day. Here's my tips for keeping on track for studying and working from home, I'm no saint at these that's for sure! But when I do stick to them, they do work!
I've got some tips that have helped me get through the first stages of studying and working on my dissertation and revision. 

MAKE A WEEKLY/ DAILY PLAN. I use this weekly desk planner from Paperchase [LINK] to plan out my week. The best part is that you use a sheet a week and you're not restricted to dates making it the perfect purchase any time of the year.  I use lots of coloured fine lines to make it visually appealing and write in my definite plans in with a black pen. Everything else is assigned times and specifications throughout the week but it makes the week ahead seem manageable and daily I can make a list of what I want to get done that day. 

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.  This is a tip I've found on Pinterest a lot and thought it simply was a bit weird and wouldn't work. Playing instrumental/classical/non-lyrical music when studying and working allows you to have some music in the background and not silence but works much better than anything with lyrics or any television shows. If you find a good playlist like music for concentration on Spotify then you'll have it playing for hours without realising. It stops you breaking into song when your favourite comes on and also keeps you focused. I have found this works so well, don't be fooled, it doesn't have to be classical and isn't boring to listen to!

DEDICATE YOUR WEEKENDS TO YOU: It's easy to work every hour of the day or when you choose, but unless you prioritise your workload at home as if you were in an office, it gets very easy to get tired and bored. I always say that my weekends are mine, there is obviously some exceptions as with studying, it may be important to do it before a test, but generally I like to work hard during the week and then know I've got chill out time at the weekend. Normally something will be planned or an event will be at the weekend so it means I can dedicate my time and attention just to that. It also makes working during the week easier to get through.

TURN YOUR PHONE OFF: There are a lot of people who can't live without their phones. I noticed at university, people would be on their phone so much that I'm not entirely sure how they'll cope in the working world. In an office, you're not allowed to text, or at least in my office I can't until lunchtimes. So turn it off whilst your studying or working, nothing is that important and if it is, they'll find a way to alert you through other means. Learn to turn it off or at least not go to every notification!

What are your study and working tips? 

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