Sunday, 29 May 2016


A few weeks ago I was getting to a tough moment with my skin. The issue was, that although it will never be a pure blank canvas, you could see the tiredness in my skin and eyes. I looked like I hadn't drunk water for years and forgot what fruit and veg was, oddly enough my diet and exercise have been the best they've been in years. So it was time to up the ante on the product front! Introducing Ole Henriksen*... 

ole henriksen sheer transformation collagen vitamin c night treatment skintone brightening improve skin
I found out about this brand after asking the lovely ladies at Escentual what they'd recommend. I gave them a run down of my skin type, problems and current routine. The lovely Chelsey helped recommend this little box of goodies. Ole Henriksen is a high-end brand and when my skin wasn't behaving, I was ready to splash the cash if needed. This little set cost only £15, I was kindly gifted this to try and I'm glad to say there are big results!
ole henriksen sheer transformation collagen vitamin c night treatment skintone brightening improve skin

The set includes three tiny jars of the products which are set to fight signs of ageing and help brighten tired skin! Although these jars are small, they've lasted me very well,  I've had them for nearly two weeks and I've still got a fair amount left!

The set includes:

The Truth Serum Collagen Booster 9.76ml - A Vitamin C Rich Serum which is set to boost collagen and restores radiance to the complexion. You can tell this is a Vit C product as it has a very strong orange scent! I love this serum as it feels like a boost to the skin every morning. It feels uplifting and I've definitely noticed results with this. I feel like this product is what has brought the radiance back to my skin and provided a bit more of a boost to the overall look of my face.

Invigorating Night Treatment 7g: This overnight gel helps to improve the texture of your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This is a really unique product, the texture is very thin but feels like a treatment. It dries pretty quickly on the skin and leaves a matte film. When you wake up you find that the texture of your skin is much nicer, no lumps or bumps and as the comparable night treatment to the collagen booster, you'll find all your skin concerns addressed and fixed within a day!

Sheer Transformation 7g: This is the simple everyday oil free moisturiser that performs miracles. In conjunction with both the Vitamin C booster and the Night Treatment, it helps make the products work even better. This also works to improve the tone of the skin which was one of my main concerns. This is a really cooling product and feels really nice on the skin!

ole henriksen sheer transformation collagen vitamin c night treatment skintone brightening improve skin

The results took a few days to show but by the 5th day I could see noticeable differences. I found that my skin tone improved massively and the fatigued look had faded. I've had a nasty stress spot appear and that has been treated with these products, it has helped reduce the scaring as well which is a real bonus.

Although these are pricey at full price items costing £55 for all three products, they're a real investment to keep a good routine. I have just returned from a week in Majorca and my skin was a bit burnt, however these products have kept the skin moisturised and the texture is unbelievable. After a bit of sunshine too, my skin is finally looking alive!

I'm so glad to have found some products that just work so well and have brought the brightness back! If you think you are a lost cause trying to fix your skin, consider brightening products, normally we think it's acne or other issues but it can be a case of the tone of the skin!

If you want to buy this set to try it for yourself for only £15, you can find it on Escentual! [LINK]


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