Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Life has been so hectic recently that any blog posts have been reviews but since its a bank holiday when I write this, its great to finally give some personality back into the blog and update you on whats been happening!

I'm now fully into my full time job as a marketing consultant which involves lots of design work, social media, presentations, admin, all that fun stuff! I'm really enjoying it as its really utilising all my skills from college and university. The office gang are great fun too and I really feel like I fit in there! After all the hard work at university its great that I've landed on such a good job.

I've also bought myself a car! A big adult step into the real world but after failing my driving test three times, I felt the next step especially since we moved away was to take up driving practice in my own car. When you take away the finance of paying for lessons (especially since I know how to drive I just need practice and confidence to pass) it worked out cheaper to have my own car than it does to have lessons every week. I got myself a little Citroen C1, its so small but perfect for me and everyone says it suits me perfectly!

We're in the middle of planning for our wedding next year! We have our venue, date, and dresses sorted. We've just done some catering tasting and we're looking at the next exciting parts such as the band, suits, invites and all those fun bits! Yes, I've got my bridesmaids and my dress sorted. My bridesmaids and maid of honour are going to look amazing, they chose the best dress! I also found my dress and it is absolutely beautiful, it makes me feel like such a princess and I want to show the world, even though I can't! I'm going to do a separate post on our wedding planning soon!

I'm also working out a lot more at the moment and trying to make sure I have a good routine in the evenings, Monday I go to the gym after work, Tuesdays I do kettle bells from home, and so on throughout the week. I let myself rest on Fridays and Saturdays and although I'm not dieting or anything, I really want to tone up and eat a lot better. I know I feel so much better if I eat well and drink lots of water so its my aim to do so, plus with a wedding coming up I want to look my best!

We're off to Edinburgh next week for Dan's birthday and I'm so excited for a weekend away in such a great city! I haven't been for ages so I'm really looking forward to spending Dan's birthday there! Any recommendations for restaurants or bars do send them across!

What are you up to at the moment? Would you like to hear more about wedding plans?

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