Wednesday, 14 September 2016


In 3 weeks worth of videos of that I analysed from my subscription box 30 of them had the word 'ad' in the title. I follow around 100 Youtubers and probably 3/4 of them had uploaded in the last 3 weeks.

I for one think its incredible that people are making careers out of Youtube. I also make a very very small amount from my blog, and I’m talking up to £30 a month (nothing compared to most I know but I also know its more than others so I’m hugely grateful).

My main issues with Youtube and Blogging is that mostly blogging has taken a back seat, Youtube is where its at and thats where I can no longer sit and watch un-relatable content.

I’ve been blogging for nearly 7 years. I’ve only just finished university, I have no savings and I go to work every day in a 9-5 job that I’ve worked unbelievably hard for. I make money from contributed content and that helps me pay probably one bill a month. I have no doubt that these big bloggers haven’t worked hard and most are older than me anyway, this isn’t about jealousy but there are so many of us bloggers who didn’t make the cut of girl next door blogger and do not have the ad opportunities or the funds to blog and review the perfect lifestyle.

I feel like when it comes to blogging now, if you’re not writing about the most expensive brands, fitness, maintaining a hugely healthy lifestyle, vlogging from your marble kitchen or you don’t live in London you might as well not bother.

As many of my readers may know, I review books, my favourite lipstick, a face cream that worked for me and trips away. I get sent the odd PR sample but when I first started blogging brands sent me LOADS. I mean something every few days. I remember Pantene sent me about 15 products once, because I reviewed one of their products and as a thank you they gave me a load more products to try.

I know trends and times change, but I think theres SO much competition and SO much want to earn money, that some people forget why they’re blogging or vlogging. Money is great, but it doesn’t make for great content sometimes. Isn’t that why we all started? I know I started blogging because magazines sold us products because they got £10,000 because of advertising, whereas we wanted to know if the latest face cream really did work, so we told each other about it, for free…

Isn’t that why we all realised MAC was pretty decent before the rest of the world did and that Barry M 101 lipstick was the nudest nude we ever saw? (p.s who misses Dazzle Dust?)

I get sent PR samples for free, I have no obligation to review but I often do. I know the trend and competition is there so I want to be current, but I also don’t want to change my content too much to match everyone else’s because I didn’t start my blog to be like everyone else. I do think some 'ads' are beautifully done and I would have no idea it was sponsored or paid for in some manner. But when its obvious that the content being produced is to make more and more money, its a strange concept.

People may think I'm making a dig at everyone who produces youtube content and its quite the opposite, I'm writing for the bloggers who still write for themselves and no money and just want to know where I stand with my thoughts. I don't intend to earn much more from my blog and I know there will be others that do it for the hobby, not the job. If I could work full time on my blog, I would. But it's not a possibility for me. Great, if it is for you! You've done so so well.

I can’t produce £200 Asos Hauls, my Feel Unique order max spend is about £20 and I still have my Sigma Brush Set that I received about 5 years ago.

I blog when I can after work or hastily during the weekends. This is my life and now I work everyday I don’t want to spend my limited time watching content that I just can no longer relate to.

I want to feel like I’m listening to a best friend, not a sales rep. I’m sorry for that, I’m not aiming this at anyone, because its the industry, and when I started all them years ago, it wasn’t even an industry. I used to call my blog ‘its all about creativity’ for gods sake and if you remember that, you’ve been here a long time!

I can't be the only one thinking this because 90% of us work in offices and do a 9-5, so I'd love to hear some thoughts on this.


Some of my favourite channels are Fleurdeforce, BroganTatexo, Katie Snooks, The Michalaks, Louise Peatland, Hazel Hayes, Lily Melrose. Just to name a few, thats not to say I won't watch any others but I will always make sure I watch the above videos! 

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