Monday, 12 September 2016


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Getting from bed to desk can be a challenge for some of us at the best of times. You accidentally snooze your alarm once, twice…then suddenly, you need to leave the house in ten minutes!

We have all been there. Fear not, there are some ways you can prepare yourself in advance to minimise the length of your morning routine.

1. The food

Eating breakfast is essential for everyone, particularly if you are heading off to a busy job. Using our brains all day uses so much more energy than you would think. If we don’t feed our brains and bodies the nutrients it needed we’ll find it hard to concentrate on work and become sluggish. Getting the 11am slump and reaching for a few biscuits as your “breakfast” is not a healthy way to go on for any of us! Prepare your breakfasts the night before so you know you will have something to eat every morning, even if you grab it and eat it on the way in or when you arrive at work. Personal favourites include overnight oats and fruit smoothies. With smoothies you can pack in plenty of healthful ingredients that you might otherwise miss out on.

Lots of people spend a morning or afternoon over the weekend baking healthy breakfast bars so they are already prepared for the entire week ahead. Whatever works best for you is perfect. Just ensure you have a jar or smoothie mug to transport your food in and you’re all set!

2. The hair 

This is something that you can prepare the night before too, particularly if you know you have a very early start or want to fit in the gym before work. Before you go to bed, browse some very easy hairstyles and do your hair in the evening. Fuss-free French plaits work really well overnight as they minimise frizz and stay in place relatively well. That way, in the morning, all you need to do is hop out of bed and spritz on some flyaway-taming spray and you’re good to go! Alternatively, head to your favourite gym class and take your hair out of the plaits or style on your way to work. Add a little dry shampoo and you have a ready-made wavy look. Easy!

3. The clothes

Ahh, deciding what to wear. Never takes long, does it? Of course it does! Most of us will change outfits multiple times every morning, before usually ending up leaving the door in the first one we tried on. You can combat this by trying on these clothes the night before. Have a little look at the weather so you can pick your clothes and layers accordingly. Then just try on a few options until you find a look that you’re happy with. Hang the outfit on your wardrobe door (to avoid forgetting in a sleepy haze that you’ve already picked clothes) and leave your shoes of choice out beneath.

You’ll be so grateful for that extra bit of snooze time you get once you remember you don’t have to allow time to choose clothes.

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