Saturday, 10 September 2016


When I had finished university and went on holiday the week after, I knew my first goal was not only to soak up all the vitamin D and eat all the food I could but to finally read a book that wasn't an academic read. I brought a handful of books which you can see in my Summer Book Haul and I took the Sophie Kinsella novel with me which I really enjoyed!

Sophie Kinsella books have a seriously engaging plot to them and I've Got Your Number is no exception. Poppt Wyatt is a 29 year old with a great career and great friends, but her impulsive and extravagant boyfriend Magnus becomes too much. She finds herself at her witts end when she loses her engagement ring which is a family heirloom of Magnus' and goes on the search for it. Whilst looking she finds a mobile phone that was placed in a bin, crucial after she loses her own. The mobile phone brings the interesting and wealthy Sam who provides a fresh conversation and interesting story of searching and hilarity. The search for the ring and life of Poppy is one of fun and completely relatable subjects! 

Without revealing too much, this book truly does bring laughs and I found myself smiling to myself as I read it. Something I rarely do! 

I read this book when we sat by the pool in the afternoons for a couple of hours and I kept making Dan stay with me a little longer so that I could read just a few more page everyday. I literally didn't want to put this down, I found Poppy a seriously good character, as I know many girls can relate to Poppy on so many levels. We could all picture what Sam and Magnus looked like, the best part is the Scrabble game and the twists throughout the book especially towards the end.

I managed to read this book staggered over our 5 day holiday and I was so sad when it ended! I have always loved Sophie Kinsella Novels, Shopaholic being my favourite book ever, but I've never read a bad one and this one is definitely one of my favourites! A highly recommended read for any summer holidays or a great read, but be warned, once you start, you wont want to stop! 

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