Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Botanicals facial oil is one of my skincare saviours and its wonderful natural ingredients bring such calm to a angry face. When I’m having a break out or my skin has gone seriously dry then I slather my face in the wonderful oil. Botanicals offered a sample of their matching cleansing melt and I’ve found a true dry skin duo! 

The cleansing melt is a thick balm, that instantly melts into an oily consistency. I take a thumbnail sized amount and rub into my face. You can remove makeup and eye makeup with this cleanser and its really luxurious to rub into the skin. Its not as good at removing mascara and heavy eyeliner but it can lightly remove makeup.

The key ingredients are: Shea butter, virgin coconut oil, sesame seed oil, green tea extract, rose oil, lavender oil, rose geranium oil, palmarosa oil. ylang ylang oil.

The best use for this would be for your second cleanse if you need a good detox on the skin and want to get it ready for a treatment. I use a muslin cloth to remove this and my skin feels so much better for it.

I then follow this step with my oil when I go to bed and wake up with the plumpest, softest and blemish free skin. It doesn’t remove spots but it makes everything much more blurred and perfected. If you suffer with dry skin or want a treatment to second cleanse this is the one for you!

You can buy this from Botanicals direct here for £24! [LINK]

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