Saturday, 29 October 2016


My career revolves around marketing and social media. I spend a lot of my day working on our Twitter feed and making sure we're keeping on track. As a blogger I work on my own marketing strategies and ideas to make sure I can promote my blog, get the word out and work on new content to market my blog more.

I use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin and I think these platform work really well to get the word out. The one thing I don't do much of is offline marketing. I have business cards but do not attend enough events to warrant them. The Colour Graphics company are working on a survey which is looking at the options of offline marketing for bloggers. Whether its useful for bloggers and what forms are best for bloggers!

Although blogging is an online platform, the popularity is spreading to offline means and marketing can be found in all types of forms. We as bloggers are often the ones to spread pay per clicks and link promotions but it would be interesting to know if bloggers are starting to utilise this as their way to market themselves too.

The survey only takes two minutes to fill out so if you're a blogger, its a great chance to learn more about how marketing trends are evolving and this information could prove very useful for your own strategies as we move into 2017! Click here to fill in it!

Do fill it in and make sure to spread the word to help Colour Graphics provide a great range of results, after all blogging is a communal thing and working together can provide more conclusions!

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