Friday, 21 October 2016


la roche posa pigmentclar eyes cream black circles dark circles pigmentation cream escentual

La Roche Posay know how to make good skincare, their Effaclar Duo is one of the best skincare products on the market. It completely transformed my acne attacked skin as a teenager, so when I found that my eyes were looking horrendously dark and tired I needed to find a product to fix it and knew that La Roche Posay would provide a solution!

The lovely girls at Essential helped confirm this was the way to go for my dark circles.  My dark circles have always been with me even as a young teenager, they are just part of my genetics. I always look tired no matter how much sleep I get but my dark circles and eyes started to look yellow and blue coloured which just showed how much I needed a good eye cream.

la roche posa pigmentclar eyes cream black circles dark circles pigmentation cream escentual

The pigmentclar eye cream is for brightening and works really well to provide brighter and moisturised eyes. My eye area is constantly hydrated when using this and allows for makeup to sit nicely without sitting in the lines. The cool metal applicator can help the eye area too, I don't tend to use the applicator and I just put it on my finger to rub in and apply but I can see how it would cool the eye area.

The formula is lightweight and easy to apply with a quick sink in feeling. It has considerably reduced the brown dark effect around my eyes and has a high caffeine concentration to reduce the blue circle effect. All in all, this provides the colour issue that so many of us suffer with but have never had a product to fix. Previous eye creams I've used are all about fine lines and not about the pigment area.

At £24.50 its a bit pricier than most, but its often on offer in places like Escentual l who currently have it with a third off at £16! A real bargain! This is my second tube and I don't think I'll ever be without it now!

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