My mascara collection is one I’m slightly surprised by when I actually look into it. I have an endless amount of mascaras and yet I only really reach for the same few every time. I decided to make a conscious effort to test which really are the best and for what look and share my mascara collection…complete with those awful barcode stickers! 

Lance Hynose Doll Eyes Mascara – This has the lightest effect on the eyes, but really does provide a doll eye effect. Whereas most mascaras can thicken and make a fuller look, this separates and provides a wide look to the lashes. Its a thinner formula with a big bushy brush but it does look great when you just wear liquid liner or when you want a everyday makeup look. Is it worth the price tag of £23.50? Probably not an everyday splurge but if you want to get a mascara that is unlike any other, this is the one.

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama- Maybelline are one of the best brands for mascaras, this one, is probably my least favourite though. I found this one to be slightly more clumpy than I like, it stuck my eyelashes together more and didn’t give a full effect, I think the brush is quite different and less brush like so it can be harder to use. Maybe when it dries more it will work better but its wet formula makes things trickier to use. This is only £7.99 from Boots.
Benefit Rollerlash – I actually have a full sized tube of this mascara as I fell in love with it pretty instantly. Benefit know how to do a good mascara, I absolutely loved They’re Real so when Rollerlash came out I knew I had to try it. Rollerlash creates full thick lashes but with a great curl without the contraption of a curler. This stays strong and black all day long and just is so easy to use, the formula is perfect and the brush hooks onto the lashes to create a full fluttery curl. I highly recommend this mascara. Rollerlash costs £19.50 from Boots.

Maybelline Lash Sensational AND Luscious – Sensational is one of the best mascaras from the drugstore.  Simple as that, these are very similar in their effect, one with oil blends but the look of full fluttery thick lashes is easily achieved from lash sensational. The brush is really easy to use. The best part is it is only £7.99 which is super affordable and is a favourite amongst the like of Zoella and Tanya Burr!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – They’re Real as mentioned before, is one of the best in the high end market. I find the brush is the real selling point with a 360 tip to get right in the corners and to get every lash. I love how this can really bring together an eye look and creates a full lash.  This is also £19.50.

Loreal Hippie Mega Volume – Loreal mascaras have never been on my radar and this is one of those mascaras that works well, provides what you’re after in terms of great full lashes but the name hippie mascara doesn’t really mean much to me! It does provide a full feathery look with a big brush so if you’re a fan of big lashes, maybe choose this one! Again, £7.99 from boots.

What is your mascara of choice?