Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Hygge is all the rage at the moment as as much as I try to stay away from the latest crazes because they tend to be quite short lived and over hyped, the art of Hygge is one topic I'm genuinely intrigued by. 

I found this book in Tesco on offer for £5 and thought it would be the perfect book to snuggle up with in the evening, with candles burning, Dan watching his favourite man films whilst I read the book. Who knew that the action of snuggling up, happiness in the little moments and spending time enjoying those moments was actually taking part in a hygge moment.

Hygge is pronounced "Hue-ga" and is the feeling or mood that comes with taking pleasure in ordinary moments and everyday items being more meaningful and beautiful in their enjoyment.

This involves the action of being snug with candles on (who knew candles were such a big deal to the Danish, they have candles lit 90% of the time in December!)

Its also being with friends but by enjoying simple moments, rather than trying to create huge events. This involves baking a cake and enjoying it over a cup of tea and catching up. Its also the action of having a conversation that is just talking without controversial subjects or being angered by the conversation.

As a bit of an introvert and as someone who takes a lot of enjoyment out of being on my own and doing my own thing a lot of the time, hygge really appeals to me. I like to take pleasure out of those little moments in winter when its all cosy in the lounge and theres no big lights on. I also love being with Dan and my friends and family and having moments that just make you thankful to have them around to relax and spend time with.

This book explores all types of hygge, from foods that explore the action of hygge, it also has seasonal inspiration for what activities are considered as hygge. There is a section on how to enjoy Christmas and make your seasonal run up more about the moments and run up.

In short, this book is a great coffee table book. It's a joyful little book that explores why the Danish are the happiest country in the world. It helps make you feel involved in the life you live, and in a world of looking good on Instagram and Twitter, it brings you back to reality to make you realise all those moments you love are worth it after all.

To get your hands on a bit of hygge, buy it from Tesco here currently only £5!

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