Saturday, 19 November 2016


As some of you may have seen, last year I created my own set of planners which started off being named LP Planners. The idea was that these planners didn't currently exist in the UK market and what started off as a project for myself, ended up being something I thought, lets give this a try and sell it. I had a great success last year, it was interesting to learn how to sell and after a good run last year and people asking again this year, they're back, with a new name! Pen to Paper Planners.

The design and concept is relatively simple. Currently I have the one design, but am very interested in creating more as the demand grows. I am only one person after all! This design is the Monochrome planner. With a black cover that has transparent covers to keep it clean for on the go use, it is a great size to have it flat laid no your desk but small and slimline enough to have in your bag!

The way the planner works is that it is a week over two pages, each day has the Morning, Day and Night section to fill as desired and to keep each day and week fully organised and in easy view.

There is even enough room for stickers and designs for decoration. These do not fit the full box design for Erin Condren but the design is similar and allows for plenty of planning, stickers and even small photos if you wanted to scrapbook the day!

The notes sections allow you to write any important details and lists for the week!

The planner retails for £15 and as a The Beauty Type offer, I'm giving away Free P&P!
Use the code: THANKYOU10 to get free postage on any order.

You can purchase yours here! Do let me know if you get one and be sure to send me any review links, tweets and photos of your planner! 

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