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The role of maid of honor comes with great responsibility. Top of your responsibility list will be the hen party. Your friend will be relying on you to plan a night to remember, so don’t let her down! Proper planning will ensure the hen goes off with a bang. Here are some things to consider to make sure everything goes according to plan on the night. 


Location is essential for any hen party. Think of things your friend is sure to like. Is she a party girl, or would she prefer a quiet night? If she’s the type of person who prefers to stay in, plan a slumber party with her closest friends. If she’s a party girl, a night on the town might be in order. If budget isn’t an issue, consider going further afield. Why not plan a trip to Europe? You could go all out with a week away. There is more to consider with a long term hen. Not to mention, you’ll have the job of making sure everyone can get to the destination. If you take time with your planning, a hen party abroad can be one to remember.


The activities are what make the night fun. Again, think of your friend’s tastes when considering what activities would be suitable. Of course, a stripper is an old cliche for hen entertainment. Only opt for this is you know your friend would see the funny side. If you’re having a quiet night in, arrange a baking session with naughty decorations. If it’s a night on the town, organize a bar crawl. Make sure you know where your destinations will be to ensure the night flows smoothly! If you’re holding your hen party abroad, set up some activities to fill the days. If the standard choices don’t appeal, you could get creative with these hen party ideas. How does a day of paintballing sound?


Having the right group of people will ensure the bride has fun whatever you do. It can be hard to know who to invite. Will she want family members or just friends? And which ones would she want you to invite? It’s worth asking the bride’s opinion here. You’ll want to surprise her with most of your hen planning but guests are one thing you’re better off getting help with. That’s not to say there can’t be any surprises. If the bride has long distance friends, you could surprise her by inviting them along. Ask her to give you a list of the people she would like you to invite.

Inviting someone she doesn’t get along with could ruin her whole night. These are not the only things you need to consider, either. You’ll want to think about outfits, too. Getting matching outfits for the group can be a lot of fun! Proper planning is all you need to make your friend’s hen a success. Take your time, and make sure she doesn’t regret choosing you as maid of honor!

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