Thursday, 15 December 2016


A few months ago I realised how expensive my gel nail habit was getting! At around £25-30 for a set of gel nails every 3 weeks, it was a ridiculously expensive habit just to get nails that lasted longer than crappy nail varnish that only lasts a day on my nails! Although I love the way a beautician can do my nails, much neater and with a huge range of products too, I wanted to make it an everyday possibility and then treat myself to a salon set for special occasions like birthdays and holidays!

As some of you may have seen in my engagement post [LINK], Dan treated me to get my nails done and by having them done so nicely, it made the world of difference to the photos. More guys commented on how good my nails looked than girls which proves that guys notice good nails!! This is where getting your nails done for good occasions can make the world of difference.

For everyday life, like going to work, weekends etc, I like to have my nails looking nice. I have always been the girl to have a thousand different nail polish colours but general nail polish can sometimes chip, even OPI can. I'm definitely not the neatest of painters and have sometimes enlisted Dan to help paint my left hand (I'm sure he would rather I didn't publicly say that!).

But with gel polish, the look you can create by using the UV light to set and cure the polish means it is a thick consistency, almost like a plastic coating on top which allows for nails to be strong and robust and not get chips!

I use the Sensational lamp and set which I bought off Depop and have loved using, I find it works really well and apart from the first time I used it and it beeped at me so loudly I thought the fire alarm was on the blink, it has never let me down!

Previously I used the Sensationail Polish to Gel set [LINK] which meant I could use my old nail varnishes mixed with the gel formula to create my own gel polishes, but this sometimes could be hard to judge how much colour vs formula to use.

I decided to buy some actual Gel Polishes from Bluesky and I got mine from Amazon for a 5 for £27 deal here [LINK]. I got to choose five colours I wanted which I will be showing in a separate post. They do extremely glittery ones, to pastels and plain colours. It does take a couple of coats to get the full colour with these polishes but I really like the price and colour range they have to offer! The primer I purchased when my Sensationail one ran out is so good and is great for the quick step before painting!

For the accessories side of things, I bought the Mylee Prep and Wipe and Gel Remover [LINK]. Both of these come in huge bottles which will last ages and are really effective in prep and finish as well as a great remover! I soak my lint free wipes [LINK] also from Mylee, in remover, wrap in tin foil and then wait fifteen mins to then remove.

Although it seems a lot, theres something really enjoyable about achieving a salon finish at home and I can't wait to expand my collection further! Once you have all the basic equipment its only the polishes that will be costing you maybe a touch more than usual nail varnishes!

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