Sunday, 22 January 2017


Another Mary Berry review, I know,  I had a good Christmas! Mary Berry is known for the homemade comforting lunch and dinner recipes and her Sunday lunches! The Family Sunday Lunches book is all about bringing people together and creating classic meals and family favourites. I am a huge Sunday lunch fan and its one of my favourite meals to cook too. I feel so 'adult' by cooking for family so this book is one I'm excited to get cooking from!

This book contains all your classic starters such as prawn cocktail, soups, salads and fish dishes! It also contains classic dishes rather than just how to cook a roast beef. It has how to create the classic family lasagne, beef stroganoff, chilli con carne, classic fish dishes and a whole section on game meats. This book is the 'classic' cookbook to create those family favourites that we all know and love and wish we could recreate like a pub classic or how we remember them in our childhood. There are vegetable dishes in here too so its great for any family member or guest your hosting for!

The pictures sell it and theres nothing more appealing than a Sunday lunch. You even have all the sides, potato goodness and Yorkshire pudding recipe is in here to get the perfect lunch on the go.

Not only do all the sides need mentioning but you have recipes to create the ultimate sauces to go along side your dishes.. and what would be a Sunday Lunch without a pudding? You've got crumbles and cakes galore in this book. Ultimately, its heaven in a book. I love this book for remembering what 'good food' really is! Forget being told to have a avocado and sweet potato, stick with your classics in this book! We only live once after all!!

This book also includes Aga instructions so its accessible for all! This is one of the newest to the clan of MB books and is only £10.99 from Amazon [LINK] saving £14 from the RRP! So what are you waiting for, get the family over for a Sunday lunch!

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