Sunday, 29 January 2017


It's a new year and Maybelline are here with some new additions to their amazing drugstore range. Their Brightening Creamy Concealer has reached the UK and is one to perk up your dark circles when winter makes you look less bright and glowing!

This concealer comes in a stick form that is easily renewed in its crayon screw. The dream brightening stick instantly conceals and brightens the eye area for a bright eyed look. In the colour 10, it suits my pale skins but there is also a 'white' shade which would be even brighter for the palest of skins. 

The formula blends in really easily as although its a 'stick' concealer, it hasn't got that drying effect that the lipstick style ones can have. It is super easy to roll onto the eye area as it doesn't drag and is so smooth to blend in.

I wouldn't say that the formula is full coverage, it's definitely a medium as it doesn't fully cover my darkness and I do have quite dark eyes that I prefer to fully cover. But I do like how much it brightens the area up and can be used on top of a fuller concealer or just as an everyday pick me up on 'no makeup days'. You can easily keep this in your handbag, apply it and blend without even needing a mirror as its so easy to blend in seamlessly. 

This concealer can be found on for only £4.99 here [LINK].

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