Friday, 20 January 2017


As part of the #maybellinesquad I get to try some of the newest releases from Maybelline! Every few months I get an exciting package and this months has been awesome! The newest and my favourite edition is the Master Camo Colour Correcting kit. 

Coloured concealers are all the rage at the moment and Maybelline has brought out an awesome mini palette that will set you up for a perfect base. There is everything you need to even out your complexion in this kit!

This kit contains a green concealer which is actually a great cream to powder consistency and helps to remove the redness that we all get around the nose or cheeks. It actually works better than you think, its easy to imagine a green face like Shrek might appear but once blended its quite the opposite. 

The yellow concealer is perfect for removing discolouration, this is perfect for my eyes as I have THE WORST under eye discolouration and dark circles. Even though I use a great eye cream that helps considerably, I still have to conceal like crazy. They're my worst enemy but this yellow concealer helps to fix the colouring.

You also have two concealers that are your general skin concealers and although these aren't as thick and heavy duty as my usual concealers but are great at blending the whole green and yellow splodges together!

Of course, to be on trend there is a highlighter in there a light champagne and shimmery pink ready to complete the look which are perfect highlighting the brow bone and cheeks.

This kit is only £9.99 which is a great price for the amount of concealers you get, rather than having to buy all of them, you're good to go with this kit! You can get this from Boots [LINK].

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