Monday, 16 January 2017


If you don't know who Tanya Burr is, you must have been avoiding the internet in the last few years. Blogger, vlogger and beauty guru, Tanya Burr has now ventured into cooking and baking. Following the success of Love, Tanya which was a 'about Tanya/favourite things and recipes' she then went straight into recipes with Tanya Bakes. Tanya Bakes is actually really impressive, theres so much to be mouthwatering over!

Some of the classic Tanya recipes are in here too including her delicious chocolate cookies which if you haven't made these before, I highly recommend looking up. All of the recipes come with pictures so you can see the end product which have been beautifully shot as have all of the images of Tanya herself.

All of the recipes are easy to follow for even the most novice bakers! We made the Jamie Oliver Inspired American Pancakes on a Sunday morning which was a real treat and added bacon lardons and syrup and it was so easy to do.

The ingredients tend to be store cupboard essentials anyway with any extra decor being at your own will and the instructions are super easy to follow, no fancy jargon which makes this book super accessible. You could whip up a batch of cookies, cakes or a birthday cake with complete ease with lots of inspiration in here and no one would know that you can burn toast!

Tanya Bakes is a great cookbook for any bookshelf, ready for any baking need and for every occasion from Easter to Christmas.  My brother bought me this for Christmas and at first I thought he's gone with the safe option as most girls like Tanya but as a general cookbook this is really good and I'm looking forward to baking more from this!

You can buy Tanya Bakes from Amazon for only £8.49 [LINK] which is a great price, perfect for teens or adults alike!

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