Sunday, 19 February 2017


Kikki-K is one of the cutest stationery shops in Covent Garden and I am very glad that they don't have stores across the country, simply because I could easily spend a stupid amount of money in  there. As a birthday treat I decided to buy the Wellness Planner. Dan went half with me but I wanted to try this beautiful planner out!

The planner is simply gorgeous, I have the 'grey' version of the planner but I'd definitely say its more of a duck egg colour. The wellness planner is different from a conventional 'day to day' planner, there isn't that Monday to Sunday plan but a planner that provides a look into your week, your goals and keep the year ahead a positively planned one.

The planner is quite large itself but I love that its a big planner to sit down all cosy and reflect on. The leather cover is simply gorgeous and the stickers, notepads and quality of the whole planner really suits the theme and is very relevant to current fashion ideas.

There is two internal slots/pockets, one large pocket and a mini Weekly Good Habits pad where you can track a habit you want to keep up (i.e drink more water/go to the gym twice a week/ see a friend) and you can reward yourself with a goal at the end of the goals completion.

The calendar is not dated, so you don't have to be tied down to buying this planner today, tomorrow or the beginning of a month. There is one section where it does say 2016, one piece of paper so it won't ruin your experience of the planner but just bare in mind this is a 2016 edition and they have no plans currently to provide a 2017 version yet.

You can track goals, wellness, exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing but also use the monthly calendar and daily progress charts to keep on top of the daily tasks at hand. I really like all the mini details in this planner. It has inspirational quotes, goal ideas of how to make tasks happen, track your water intake and sleep time.

I love that there are sections to look at your mental wellbeing which is slightly becoming a trend but then again, taking time for yourself is so important and sitting down with a diary to reflect on your day, week and goals is a great way to look after yourself and keep yourself on track.

There are meal planners, food logs and exercise plans for the week ahead so you can keep on top of everything you're up to and even if you're not looking to lose weight or go crazy at the gym, it's still a great way to record your life and what you enjoy etc!

For £48.00 this is certainly not a cheap diary and not one for people who use a diary once then chuck it away but I love how this can fit into my lifestyle without a huge commitment to use it everyday too. I can look back at how I felt, where I've come, what I'm up to and goals to keep on track with achieving in life!

You can buy this planner on the Kikki-K website [LINK] or in their Covent Garden store!

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