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Makeup is amazing stuff, isn’t it? You can use it to cover a spot, contour, and even make your eyes look sexy and sleek. Most of us girls don’t leave the house without it! But what happens when makeup goes wrong, and what can you do about it? Check out my post below, to find out.


Nightmare 1: Your winged eyeliner is always wonky.  Winged eyeliner is like the Olympics of makeup. If you are getting right every time, you know that you are a champion! But for the rest of us mere mortals that struggle to get a sexy flick, what can we do? Well, first of all, you can cheat, why make things harder on yourself, right? You can now get plastic stencils which are cut out in the exact shape of an eyeliner swish. So you just put them over your eye, and apply your liquid liner in the gap! Bur for those of you that want to get good in the traditional way, there is a three-step method that can really help.

The first step is to use a black pencil to draw a swish over your eyes. This helps because you can smudge it, meaning if you can’t quite get your liquid eyeliner to the edge of your lid you won’t be left with a big gap. Then you take your liquid eyeliner, felt tip ones work best, and draw three dots. The should be in the corner of your eye near to your nose. The next, over the centre of your eye, and the last where you want the swish to end.

Then you recharge your liner and draw a smooth line connecting the dots. You will want to do the dots on both eyes before you draw the actual line so you can be sure that they are equal and they match up. Then you won’t spend five hours every morning applying one eye, and then having to remove it because it doesn’t match the other one.

Nightmare 2: Lipstick stains. A common lipstick nightmare is that you have found your favourite shade, but it comes off every time you eat something or kiss someone on the cheek! It is so annoying! So what can be done about this? Well, sometimes this can be improved by using a matt lipstick, as these seem to naturally have a little more staying power. You can also seal you lipstick with a topcoat liquid or powder. Or try using a specially designed product, that is applied in stages to maximise the length of wear, like Lipsense. You can check out a Senegence Lipsense tutorial by clicking the link if you’d like to know, more.

Nightmare 3: Your contour is too harsh.  Contouring is the best of times and the worst of times. When is goes well, you can look amazing! It can help you to reshape your face to be in better proportion and highlight your cheekbones. But Urgh! When is goes bad, it is awful! You’ve probably seen someone with rubbish contouring around. They are the ones with dark diagonal lines across their face. In really awful cases the shading on the jawline can look like they have drawn a beard on! Another problem is when folks go a little crazy with their nose contour, and instead of looking small, and pretty, their nose ends up looking razor sharp. Yuk!

These looks need to be avoided at all costs if you are experimenting with contouring. To do this make sure you apply your contour and highlights in well-lit areas. If it is too dark, you won’t get to see what you actually look like in real life. You can do this by choosing to apply in a well-lit room, or cheat by getting a lit mirror similar to the one’s professional makeup artist use on the stars.

Nightmare 4: Why does your makeup have no staying power? Taking time to apply makeup in the morning is something most of us think is worthwhile. But that idea can be shaken if it’s sliding halfway down your face, by the time you have reached the end of your street. Makeup needs to look good, and have staying power to be really effective. But how can that be achieved?

The main issue here is that people make the mistake of not using a primer on their face before they apply their foundation. The primer will not only smooth out all your pores, and imperfections, but will also provide a base for the rest of your makeup to adhere to, making it last a lot longer.

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