Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Although it doesn't seem like summer is on its way, behind the clouds the sun is somewhere in there. When you can open up the doors and windows, air out the house and let the fresh warm summer air come in, it really inspires you to keep the house tidy and clean. With that, comes updating the furniture and accessories so here are my top picks of a summer living room mood board! 

We currently have two leather sofas and my dream would be to have a soft sofa, they're so much warmer and cosier. The Alicia Corner sofa is a dream as part of the fabric corner sofa section of furniture store Fishpools.

They also have a gorgeous coffee table that would compliment the sofa too. I definitely want to get a coffee table this year as there's nothing worse than drinks on the side or covering up our sofa/floor with all our miscellaneous bits!

To match next have a beautiful rug which is so summery but would work all year round for a pop of colour.

And what would a mood board be without cushions? This fluffy cushion is so girlie but I love it and it's from Dunelm.

For the coffee table, I'd love to fill one of these vases with the glass/plastic beads for a splash of effect on the table and it would compliment my aloe vera plant that I'm currently growing. I'm very proud of my plant so far and I think it's actually staying alive, an achievement for me!

If real plants aren't your thing, then this cute daisy decoration is very cute for adding some outside, inside!

What are your top accessories you want for summer?

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