Monday, 15 May 2017


On a trip to London last week I was starving and picked up a packet of Popchips. I had heard of them before but thought they were a bit 'healthy' looking and not my type of snack. But after one packet, I was completely hooked! They are the crisp alternative and they're much better for you than heavy crisps!

The magic is in the name, Popchips are 'popped' rather than baked or fried. They are heated and pressured in oil to make them a lighter crisp. Similar to popcorn without any popcorn texture or taste they are light to eat and have full flavour taste!

After a bad batch (let's face it some batches just aren't always perfect) the lovely guys at Popchips sent me a box of the snacks as a 'sorry, and the blogger inside me knew I had to spread the word about my new favourite snacks.

You can get them in all types of flavours from Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Barbecue, Sour Cream and Chive and Salt and Vinegar! They are only 94 calories per bag (less than a kit kat!) and they are half the fat of normal fried crisps, which is the real plus. These are healthier in terms of the saturated fats which is what make normal crisp the bad option!

You can get Popchips from all the usual supermarkets and they're no more expensive than the usual brands too! I'm hooked and I REALLY like crisps! The big bags are on offer for £1 at Tesco at the moment so a great excuse to try them! [LINK]

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