We love picking a destination, heading to the beach, a new city or a country escape and just enjoying music, the open road and time together! It’s times like these we’re you make new memories and enjoy the summer weather no matter how bad it is!

But driving isn’t always plain sailing. I am only on a provisional license at the moment as I’m STILL learning! Sadly I just can’t pass but I do know how important it is to be safe on the road as well as safe as a passenger!

So here’s my top tips in being a safe driver this summer!

Summer means sunshine – well sometimes, in England that means rain! But even in grey days glare can be a issue when driving. Make sure you keep the windscreen clear, restock the water under the bonnet and keep sunglasses handy. I wash my car every few weeks and although I don’t drive it that much, its quite satisfying having a clean car!

Punctures… That will definitely bring a halt to your day so make sure your tyres are ready for long trips. Check the pressures to ensure that they’re right for the weather. Higher temperatures mean increase of a blow out. If you travel a lot, keep a spare in the car at all times, to book cheap tyres online check out Point S.

You might overheat, but make sure your car doesn’t too! As a passenger I’m often the one to provide the cold water bottles or adjust the air con. But the car doesn’t have anyone on hand, you have to ensure your check the coolant and cooling system to avoid overheating and a trip to the hard shoulder to cool down again!

Try to park in the shade where possible too, not only will you thank yourselves later on in the day but your car will be much happier because it wont be working overtime to keep the engine cool and work double on the air con!

What top tips do you have for keeping your days out and drives safe and secure? Writing this post really makes me want to go outside and go somewhere new! My favourite places we’ve been in the last year were Stratford Upon Avon, any Northampton lake and St Albans or Harpenden is always a great shout!