Just before our wedding, and what felt like just after I got my backless wedding dress, I suffered an awful spell of back acne (bacne if you will). Spots and blemishes on your back are the worst because especially during summer, it’s impossible to figure out how to control what’s aggravating it. Sometimes it can be heat, washing powders, shampoo, shower gels or just bad diet and it can be impossible to figure out which one! About a month before the wedding, I received a bag of the Westlab Dead Sea Mud which quickly healed the skin and helped stop the blemishes getting worse before the big day!

The West Lab brand may look familiar as they are most renowned for their dead sea salts for bathing. I’m a huge fan of the sea salts too as they work so well at calming and detoxing the skin so I knew I’d like this product too.

The concept is very simple. This is a dead sea mud, just like you’d imagine if you were to go to a spa and be slathered in mud, this is a thick brown mud that can be applied all over the body, just not the face.

When applying all over the body, keep it thick and then you can wrap cling film over the parts to keep it warm or you can just wear it. I didn’t use cling film but it takes about 20 minutes to harden like a mud face mask would. The best thing to do once it has gone hard is to get in the shower and wash it off. It is very messy and if you have a large back it can go everywhere.

But once you’ve removed the mud, you’re left with super soft and thoroughly cleansed skin! This is perfect for summer when your pores get clogged or when you’re tense/achey!

wedding gown

Not only did this cleanse my skin enough to start making the acne go away but it can be used across the body to ensure soft skin, relaxed joints and moisturised skin!

I really think this mud is the perfect skin solution if nothing else has worked for you, bacne may come and go but this is a product that works actively to keep skin soothed. Saying that, as it is an active product, it has a shelf life of 30 days once it’s been opened, so make sure to use it all over and quickly!

If you want to give this a go, check out helloskin for all the westlab products!