Benefit You Rebel Lite Review.

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If you’ve followed my blog from the VERY start, you may remember that Benefit’s You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser was my first review post. I brought this beauty exactly a year and a month ago on a birthday trip to London. I brought it in Debenhams after a benefit makeup artist applied all there goodies on me. I had a lot of money on this trip and at this time I hadn’t heard of MAC.
I brought this with the idea this will be my foundation. I no longer want to not wear it, nor did I want to wear heavy foundation. I was about 15 at the time (only turned as it was my birthday) so I wasn’t willing to wear heavy.
My first impressions were AMAZING, STAR STRUCK. But after a year’s worth of use, I’m pretty bored of it.
However, I’ve found the best use for it. It is a good tinted moisturiser, and yeah, your probably thinking ‘Lisa, that’s what is meant to be’. But when I was 15 and just brought this I was expecting to look flawless.
I’ve come to realize it isn’t good when I have a shitty skin day, but it is great when its warm, or if you don’t want to wear something full coverage. I love wearing this when its the summer as it gives my freckles a cute dewy look and helps with the sun as heavy foundation will melt off so wearing something lite that has a SPF15 in is brilliant.
I apply this with my fingers as I find brushes I own don’t disperse it properly, it is a moisturiser after-all and needs to be absorbed properly in-order to create the right finish.
Overall Opinions: Do buy this if your looking for something easy for a holiday, the summer or something to create a nice base but not heavy. Do buy for a SPF in the summer and something that wont melt off.
Do not buy this if your looking for a heavy foundation/something to cover blemishes with. Do not buy if you dislike the effect SPF’s give.