Lush Skincare Routine!

I’ve recently converted from Clinique to Lush after having my party I just found lush have a lot to offer that seems almost underrated sometimes! Although Clinique is probably the reason for the clear up of teenage acne, which THANK GOD is practically over! I decided I wanted something less harsh, I found the toner was too much on my skin and there was NO way on Gods earth I was going to pay £30 for The Dramatically Different Gel so I got some things from lush.

Angels on bare skin- £5.80
-Cleanser, review down below.
Breath of fresh air toner- £3.45 
-I love this, there was no need for another picture as its just liquid/water but I love it! It smells so fresh and like a clear summers day or if you were by the sea and took the air in. Its definitely reduced the congestion in my skin and is the nicest toner I’ve ever used! I think that for £3.45 or £6.74 for a large one, its well worth the money and the big one is BIG! Will definitely repurchase! It is just so refreshing! Plus I love its a spray bottle as then you can use what you want!
Cosmetic Warrior- £5.25
-Fresh Face Mask- Review down below.

This is angels on bare skin, i think this is one of the best cleansers ever! The concept and effects are worth every penny! Its a fiver which is a fair amount for a higher brand! You get a lot in a tub and you only need the size of a baked bean. You basically use the baked bean sized clay piece, run under water very quickly, and rub in your hands to make a paste. Scrub onto your skin for a soft exfoliation and with circular motions rub all over the face. It removes all of my makeup and smells quite nice. If you dislike lavender then this isn’t for you. It smells of it and has physical lavender pieces in. I’ve found this is really calming, sorted out redness and makes my skin SO SMOOTH! Perfect, had no breakouts either so perfect for Combination skin!




This is cosmetic warrior. Before you dismiss this completely because of its hideous appearance and revolting smell, I want you to stop judging for one second. Although this is garlic, has garlic and grape in and is a clay formula. This is probably one of the best face-masks i’ve ever use. It sounds so like cliche I’m saying this but my skin has never been this good in years!
It does smell horrible, I wont lie. If you dont have a strong stomach then I wouldn’t recommend this because it would make some people feel physically sick. The great thing about this though is its brilliant for combination skin who suffers from Spots, and Dry Skin. It smoothes the skin out perfectly as its slightly clay based but the garlic dries out the spots! So maybe its not just dracula you’ll keep away its spots!
For moisturizers I vary from Clinique still, to Decleor to Biotherm. It changes often due to if i want heavy moisture or not.
I really recommend lush and they do samples so just ask for one incase your scared of splashing out! But this has transformed my ever so spotty/teenaged skin! So if your still in that stage, this will save it. I still get spots, but only odd one’s. I used to get terribly red and lumpy forehead spots!
thanks for reading!