Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser


Liz Earle is my go to skincare brand, the brand that I believe is roughly my age (17 years old, or maybe older now) effortlessly creates products that I trust and know work. In a recent haul when they had the £10 Cleanse and Polish offer, I decided to splurge and purchase their moisturiser. In the past I’ve tried the travel sized/samples of this product. I did enjoy it and although its a bit more pricier than the other items Liz Earle sells I can say I’m a very happy chappy!

So what is contained in this iconic blue pot? As Liz Earle products contain naturally active ingredients, including borage oil, antioxidants and vitamin E. The product is as high quality as every other product I’ve tried from the brand. The moisturiser works really well at sorting out any dryness or problems on the skin and I like the fact that I can find out about all the good bits in the moisturiser on the ingredients online, a full list is available here.

The consistency of this moisturiser is quite brilliant. Unlike my trusted L’Occitane one this is a lot thinner or lighter shall I say. Although I do not have the ‘light’ version of the moisturiser, I have tried it but preferred this one, this is still light to the touch but when rubbed into the skin has the feel and benefits of a thicker moisturiser. The reason I didn’t get on with the light version as one it wasn’t for my skin type which i can finally say is NORMAL! (give or take a few days). However I feel light would be good for those who get a bit worried about moisturisers. Its a great base for makeup if you dont wear or like primers. It is a really great moisturiser and I am pleased I finally bought it. I am still undecided whether I prefer this or L’Occitane but I think with being used with other Liz Earle products it completes the circle. I really think this is my ‘summer’ (what summer you may ask?) moisturiser whereas L’Occitane is ideal for winter.

This moisturiser retails for £18.75 which I feel is quite reasonable especially as you can see how much they fill up the jar. You can get the same amount of product (50ml) in either jar or a pump for the same price, so you can choose your preference. Mine has to be jar, I like to be able to see how much I have left.

You can buy Liz Earle from her website on this link (Lizearle) or you can buy from John Lewis counters in participating stores. Remember if you buy online from Liz Earle, although you pay for your p&p you also receive a free gift every time so a great opportunity to try something new or stock up on an old favourite!

Have you tried this moisturiser? What were your thoughts?