L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Face Mist

L’Occitane’s newest face care range is impressive. Full stop! Angelica is one of the skincare ranges from this brand that I’ve rarely taken notice of because I thought it was for the older skincare range shall I say, however when I heard Angelica was having a bit of a update with new products added to the range I was excited to see the new summer line.

Angelica is a fairly overall skincare type, its for those who need a bit of TLC and a bit of loving for that overworked and stressed out skin. It hydrates the skin simply and in a refreshing quick way to boost your complexion, the perfect skincare set for summer, no? The three new products in the line are The Instant Hydration Mask, a Exfoliating gel and the product I have to show you today, the Hydration Face Mist!

Ive only ever used one other face mist and that was the Body Shop vit-e mist, which although impressive worked out pretty expensive for something that didnt impress me too much. However, I have found the new HG to the summer! This mist is so fine that when you spray, note: spray not spritz, it instantly relaxes you and hydrates your skin no matter what time of the day.

It smells heavenly and is light and non affensive and definately lingers for around an hour or so. I’ve been using this for almost anything, to set my makeup, to wake me up, to make me calm, to tone my skin, relax before bed, after a very long day, when my eyes feel exhausted, when my skin is dry and of course every other spare time in between.

Because its a spray like a hair spray and not like a perfume spritz, it is easy to control and lightweight and doesnt make you flinch when you spray it in your face. We all know the cat’s-bum face we all do when its a spray haha.

Although I havent done any far away travelling, this is ideal for a hot country or flying, the gym, the beach wherever takes your fancy. Its one of them products that you just cant wait to get home to use!
For 100ml which will last you a fairly long time, it costs you only £15 which for a highend brand like L’Occitane this is fairly reasonable! I’m really intrested in trying the mask which I think would be ideal after a long hot day!

Have you tried any Angelica products? Whats your thoughts?

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