I barely spoke about turning eighteen! I’m now an adult and enjoyed my birthday by going out with my Dad, shopping, drinks, meal with family and friends and then two nights of drinking. If you hadnt figured by now, I’m a keen party attender and like to keep the alcohol flowing.

For my 18th, I had a MAC Makeover in my local store to have applied for my birthday evening!

How it works:

You pay £30 for a booked appointment hour, you get all of your eye,lip,face makeup done. You can opt to have false lashes applied too. They use all the products in store and they ask you what look your going for, what colours your into, what you like to use, skin type, previous products you may of used etc. A artist you see in store does this for you in the store at a counter.

Once all the makeup is applied, you get the £30 you paid for the makeover, redeemed on products. Since I had false eyelashes the cost of the lashes were deducted from this, so I had £20 to spend on whatever I wanted, and I had some money left over to add towards products if I wished to.

So in reality, you get the application and makeup put on for free, and you pay for your products.

My experience: 

It was quite strange spending half of the morning without ANY makeup on going round shopping and for a meal bare faced, but once I got into MAC and saw someone previous to me having her makeup done and seeing the amazing results I was so excited. When I booked my appointment the artist asked me what I wanted in terms of a look, since it was my 18th and since I was going out in the evening for a meal with my friends and out for drinks I wanted something really shocking, bold and to make me feel flawless! I said for eyes, a smokey dark eye, lots of neutral colours, pale lips and contouring. I also had to mention when booking that I wanted false lashes just so they were aware to deduct when it came to redeeming.

Once I sat down, the artist checked what I wanted with me so we were sure, asked me if there was any products I especially wanted to try and then she got to work. My artist was really talkative, really kind and wasn’t just doing the makeup she was making it a good girlie chat and talking about makeup is something I can do easily.

The hour went by really quickly, and by the time I knew it, I looked insane. In the best way possible. I had never had so much makeup on before because truth be told I get to afraid to go this much but I definitely want to embrace it now. It looked so good and my skin had never been so flawless, my eyes never so defined and loved the amount of product on my cheeks.

The finished look: 

(Ignore my hair, dont know what was going on there but was getting it done in the evening anyway haha)
Products used:
Studio Fix Fluid (NW15)  [LINK]
Pro Longwear Concealer (NW15) [LINK]
Eyeshadows: Omega, Inner strength, Embark,Penultimate [LINK]
Eyebrows: Omega
Hatue and Naughty Mascara [LINK]
Studio Fix NW15 Powder [LINK]
Springsheen Blush [LINK]
Shy Girl Lipstick [LINK]
Check out my top favourite MAC Lipsticks [LINK]
The two products I brought with my money to redeem was the Studio Fix Face Powder which I will be reviewing once my skin is in better condition because dry skin and powder = disaster. I also got the lipstick I’m wearing in this picture which is the ever talked about Shy Girl. I love having this colour in my collection and a big fan on the formula, but we have off days, sometimes it looks lovely, others makes me feel old.
Overall, I really think its worth the money since you can get products back anyway. All of my friends complimented my makeup and although a bit more daring than I’m used to, when I go out now I enjoy wearing falsies and like to slap on just a tad more than I used to.  I would definitely consider this for another big occasion.

If you have any questions about the makeover that I haven’t covered do let me know! I will be reviewing the products I bought as soon as possible! You can book a makeover here [LINK].

Typical webcam photo of my final birthday look!