Shopping The Stash #3

That time of the month again where I’ve been reliving some beauties in my collection.  Aim of the shopping the stash is reusing and loving products that are already in the collection and have become favourites and used often recently.
First up is a product if you’ve followed the beauty type a long time now, you’ll see this as no surprise but Benefits You Rebel tinted moisturiser has been sneaking its way back into play. This is simply my favourite tinted moisturiser, previously I used to use the lite version in a yellow tube but when repurchasing I got the original one. Theres not much to say on the product, its a thick moisturiser with a hint of colour, its super moisturising, a good tint of colour that doesnt leave me orange despite being a lot darker than my natural colour, blends amazingly, keeps the skin protected with SPF and is a great base. I haven’t worn this everyday but I have been using this on days where I’m either not doing too much or on days I know I’ll be getting hot because theres nothing worse in makeup disasters than Studio Fix Fluid going cakey and sweaty, lets face it we’ve all been there with the thick foundations. Luckily with this, it doesn’t slide or go funny in the heat only fades on the skin accordingly and looks natural still.
Back to the skincare routine because my mum is so lovingly letting me use hers, Liz Earle cleanse and polish is back in the routine. I still use my simple skincare routine but I have been using Cleanse and Polish on bad skin days or maybe once a day instead of twice. It does improve my skin a lot and the radiance the polishing does to my skin is a good boost every now and then too. I’ve not much to say on this as I talk about it a lot but am very glad to have the opportunity to brighten up my skin ready for summer makeup!
For eye makeup I’ve been going pretty simple with the eyeshadow and darker with the eyeliner instead but I’ve been going back to my trusty MUA Undressed Palette, possibly my favourite eyeshadow palette I own. Has all the colours for any day or night, I have been using the pink and brows to create a shimmery depth for daytime. I’ve had to start using the second lightest colour now because as you can see I hit pan on the shimmery champagne colour. This is the second eyeshadow I’ve ever hit pan on second to my MAC Retrospeck which again is a similar kind of everyday colour so no wonder!
Batiste is always a winner, everyone knows its one of my favourite brands. After a month of washing my hair everyday the oils went crazy and it became greasy in less than 24 hours so I need to put it back into a better routine, I bought a massive can of the stuff to get me through. My hair already loves it and its perfect for hot days to make it less greasy as well. I will ALWAYS love Batiste and I have some of there newer products to show you soon which are just fabulous as always!
These are all hot weather inspired it seems! Whats your current loves?