Getting my nail polish to stay un-chipped and generally look half decent on my nails barely lasts a day. If anything its chipped within the day. I’m quite good at bumping things and having reasons to chip them at work and what not but it almost feels pointless painting your nails if they arent going to look good for over a day.

It doesn’t take much for a beauty purchase for me, I had received a good dentist trip and found out I never have to see my orthodontist again, so thought I’d make a mini trip to Superdrug and treat myself, I was going to buy the new Barry M Gellys but even still they weren’t going to stay so thought it was about time I bought myself a top/base coat. One to make it stay and last and to look shiny again! Most of my polishes can look dull too. Even those that are higher brands some can look dull with wear and tear.

Superdrug had Sally Hansens Double Duty Base and Top Coat on offer for just £3.95, normal price of £4.95 which is a bargain as I know Orly’s Top 2 Bottom is around the £10 mark! This is a two in one product, to create a canvas to apply polish on, to create the barrier to stop nails going weak due to polishes and then applies after the colour has been applied to create a non chip coat as well as create the shiny effect!

I can safely say the results are good! The manicure I applied of Nails Inc in   lasted without any chips three days and only on the fourth day did one chip appear, by the 6th day they were all chipping and one nail colour peeled off (which was odd but hasn’t ruined my nail). So to have a perfect manicure for three days was a huge success and really impressed me!

Sally Hansen Double Duty is available from Superdrug and can be purchased here! LINK

I also have to conclude this, by saying that has had approval from the boyfriend for no chipped manicure and if that doesn’t constitute a good product I really don’t know what does!
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