After a little payday splurge in December, I thought it was about time I bought myself a new perfume, and got one that could be a real ‘me’ scent. A lot of my perfumes are gifted and not me, I love them all, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted a scent that was ‘me’ and was one I was sure after sniffs and tests that it was right for me.
I spent a good half an hour testing so many, and I was torn between Burberry Original, and Weekend. I went with Weekend in the end, oh a rhyme, because it was just a tad stronger in scent. Boots, as they often do had a sale on a lot of their perfumes, often the cheaper or 30ml ones. I find I don’t need to buy a big bottle of scent unless I absolutely love it, as I love changing scents up throughout the year anyway.
The Burberry Weekend scent is for the ‘outdoorsy’ person, apparently! I would definitely say you wouldn’t often find me outdoors in the woods, but you would find me in an open shopping center, does that count? The scent is a citrus floral, with the sharp sweet citrus coming through first then the floral is what lingers for the rest of the day. There’s also a touch of musk, which you find at the base, notes when the scent has been worn throughout the day which I like, I’m not a huge fan of white musk on its own but it’s a nice addition to this perfume.
I love that this is a ‘perfume’ rather than eau de toilette, I find EDT’s just DO NOT last as long as you want them too. Whereas this perfume lasts! I find it has double the lasting power of a EDT and I find two spritzes on my neck area is enough for the day, whereas a EDT I normally go to town on, and even the wrists. This would be too much if I applied everywhere but means even at 30ml it lasts much longer.
I’ve been using this everyday for nearly a month now and I’ve barely gone past the top.
At only £17.99 for 30ml, [LINK] it’s a bargain of a perfume and a gorgeous scent, maybe if you’re not a strong floral scented girl during the day, then this is a great ‘going out’ or evening perfume.
Make sure to check boots out for this during their perfume offers, this is sure to be one they add often.