Summer is the best month to delve into books, not only is it the easiest way to be occupied whilst sunbathing but I feel the tone of books in Summer are always more upbeat than Winter!  So here are a selection of books I’ve been reading through recently and what I’ve loved or am not highly rating! 

The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me: Laura Tati and Jimmy Rice. 
This is instantly my favourite out of all these books, I read this book super quickly and was so eager for bedtime or a train journey to dive back into it. This book is set in London with two main characters, Holly and Alex.  Best friends when young and reunited when in the working world, they both have had their lives turn out differently than expected and find that their feelings are very much there. The chapters are split between Alex, Holly, Alex, Holly and so fourth which is very refreshing. The book will have you laughing and has all the romance you’d want with humour and wit too! I cant say too much without giving it all away but this is such a fun summer read, its easy to read, and provides a romance story that takes its time with laughter and experiences on the way!

BUY: The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me £3.85 paperback // £2.48 kindle.

A Gift To Remember: Melissa Hill
Think Confessions of a Shopohollic with this novel, yet her obsession is books. Add in some romance, a dog and New York and you’ve got yourself a highly popular summer read. We find Darcy, a book shop worker crash straight into Mr Right? But is he? I can’t say this was a easy read, I found it very slow to begin and cliche city, I know chick flick type books are but this was just so predictable I wasnt excited to know what happened next, because I could tell. Nonetheless for a book that does the job or if you want it to last and not feel addicted to, it works. Personally, its a good book and story yet quite predictable. This is such a big seller at the moment but for me I didnt get on with it however, it wont break the bank if you want to try it anyway.

BUY: A Gift to Remember £3.50 Paperback and Kindle

The Rosie Project: Graeme Simison 
This book has been in the best sellers list for a while now, and when this was on offer in Tesco it made sense to see what the fuss is about. Unfortunately, I hate it.  I really don’t see how this is an enjoyable book, to me Thats not to say the book isnt written well, but the plot is something I’m finding hard to grasp, the character Dom Tillman is an autistic man looking for love, and trying to find a wife. He enlists questionnaires to whittle down a suitable woman yet meets Rosie, who is everything opposite to his criteria but we all know opposites attract. You can see how its a warm hearted idea, but the story itself was just hard to get into, I really didn’t enjoy Rosie as a character. This reminds me of the whole Sheldon Cooper trying to understand love concept but I just didn’t find this as an easy read as I expected. However, its got a warm heart so if you’re into a bit more of a complex story to finding love, this is for you.
BUY: The Rosie Project £3.50 Paperback and £1.99 Kindle

Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy: Helen Feilding.
Bridget is back, widowed and a mother. Don’t worry we all knew about this spoiler months ago. I had never read the first two Bridget books, but obviously saw the films. Bridget is now a assuming 50-something, yet still very much feeling 30 at times. Her diary is back trying to juggle two children, her friends, Daniel Cleaver as a babysitter (yes, I was very glad to imagine Hugh Grant back again) and also a job. Mad About the Boy reveals Jones as clinging onto a toy boy, 21 years her junior and experiencing the world of social media. If you check amazon, the reviews are appaling, it doesn’t seem to of taken off at all. I did find it hit and miss, the twitter side was very lacklustre, completely unrealistic and just not right. It was trying to make the book too 2014, when it didn’t need to be. Regardless of that, I think the book is quite funny and we see old Bridget in there too. I’ve enjoyed reading the book and has been an easy read however, you can see where the reviews are coming from, making her widowed and then trying to be too ‘cool’ really doesn’t work and is almost cringeworthy! I enjoyed it but if you’re happy to not find out about Bridget years on, you’re not missing out.

Check out the reviews here and buy:  Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy £3.00 Paperback & £1.99 Kindle
If You’re Not The One: Jemma Forte
What if you chose the different man? What if you’re first love was the one? If you’re not the one travels back and fourth in Jennifer’s life to show what path’s her life would of taken if she made different choices. Following an accident and being put into a coma her dreams take her to the past, week before her accident and the present to explore how her life could be different. Its a great summer read and I read it super quickly, its a happy-go-lucky kind of book and has a twist with the ending which I think makes this more unique than just you’re typical cliche what if. It was an enjoyable read and I really enjoyed Jennifer as a character. Its a super-cheap kindle read so definitely recommend for a holiday read!

BUY: If You’re Not the One for 99p on Kindle or £5.59 paperback.

These have been the books I’ve enjoyed recently, what summer books have you enjoyed! I’d love some more to get through!